Friday Photos: Last week of January

Tim rides bike to work almost ever morning despite fridgid temperatures. The real bonus to this, aside from saving boat loads of money, and leaving me the the car, is that his company started to include “particulate matter” in declaring “action air days.” It used to be based more on heat and sweltering factors…but now….now we have chances for him to earn free lunches for me! So far he has earned two this month.

Cullen came over for a little play date. Morella thought about being embarassed at the state of the house, but then figured that they could actually do worse. Guess what? They did! However it was the perfect prod I needed to be able to clean the crap off the floor and vacuum later on. It’s amazing what a vacuum job does to the living room. Makes it look clean and livable.

Baby Boy — yet unnamed. This is now the fourth baby I have known/met that hasn’t had a name when I met it. It just baffles me how folks have nearly 9 months to make a decision on the kids name … and then don’t do it. If anything, it makes the name they DO get in the end half hapzard and sloppy with barely any time given to it at all.

The new family. Congratulations to Stephanie and Bill!

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