Guess who’s walking now? Morella! Today she shocked the pants off both Tim and I by walking. She has started showing more interest in walking last week, and had moved onto knee walking as much as she could. She would take a few steps. Then she would stand unassisted, and finally this week she started being a little more adventurous and taking 5-7 steps. But nothing was ever consistent, and it wasn’t all day.

Today it was all day. I think the real key is that she learned how to stand up from a crouch without having to pull up on anything. So when she wobbles and falls down, she is able to get right back up without a big production. I think the best part about it, is how proud she is when she is walking, the gleam in her eyes and how her face just shines with pride is so heart warming.

My little baby is walking! Oh the dresses I have for her to wear. :D They have just been waiting for the day, a day that I thought would take longer to get here than it did. I honestly didn’t think she would start walking until February. She surprised me by walking three weeks before I thought she would.

Today we took a day trip to visit Tim’s parents, so that Morella could visit her grandmother as kind of a birthday visit. We forgot the card that she picked out special…aww. She had fun though. She played piano, found some new baby dolls to play with, climbed stairs, heard new stories, etc. I had fun because I planted myself in front of the fire place and just … rested. Today is another “off day”. I woke up sick and couldn’t shake it, and just felt overall sucky. I took a shower to try and get rid of it, and Morella ended up taking it with me. I had to hold her for most of it, and I think she liked it. She was calm and seemed happy and soothed. Interesting. It was little bit of a special moment. :) I think I’ll remember her blue eyes and water splashed face for as long as I shall live looking at me with complete trust.

I am glad to be home though. I watched an episode of True Blood and now caught up on the net. I think I’m going to take my contacts out now and get some sleep. My tummy sort of hurts from wearing pants I can’t wear for long trips anymore and sitting up so much. Man, I can’t believe how out of shape I am this time around. In my defense I didn’t have a chance to really work on getting into shape again after Morella. I was really going to kick it up a notch after she was weaned.


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