Just got back from the doctor. I didn’t seem like Morella was perking up enough after a week of antibiotics, so we wanted to make sure that it was working. She still has red in her ears — one more than the other so she got a more concentrated dosage schedule for the next five days. She also weighed….*drumroll please* …. 18 pounds! It’s her grandmother’s ham that did it. I am convinced of it. The doctor also said the reason Morella may not be completely herself is because she probably has a virus, and they can last 10-14 days! Crap. ON the bright side that would mean she is nearing the end of it.

I have to admit that for the first time in over a week my throat doesn’t hurt, though I do have a cough now and my nose isn’t as explody. What a weird cold that was…huh.

We also went to baby book this morning. Morella’s nose wasn’t running, she wants to get out of the house and well….we are registered. A new lady is running it. She makes everyone sit in chairs and wants you to hold your baby the entire time. It’s too structured and …well I don’t know. I just don’t think it’s that great for babies. IT’s good for toddlers and older kids though…sigh. Chatting with the ladies afterward we all agreed that it was … too structured. But we are still going to go, at least until we can’t take it anymore.

I set up an impromptu playday for the Sun Pairie library at 3:00 on Thursday. Hey you are welcome to come! ;)

Well. I just wanted to brag about Morella breaking the 18 barrier. Her walking is fabulous — I swear she is almost running at points. She just went down for her nap after eating another huge lunch (ham, cheese, potato soup, 1/2 banana, raspberries). Maybe it’s the walking that is making her hungrier? In any case, I think I’m tired today so I am going to lay down. Just think, in two weeks — and any time in between I am going to start feeling better! I can’t wait.

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