Thank goodness the moby is still an option for Morella. This is her in the hip holding wrap and me having two arms free…well at least one arm and a thankful back. She was feeling pretty needy this afternoon and I was feeling like I needed to make some dinner. Morella likes to help me with dinner — who knows maybe she’ll grow up learning how to cook! She was there for a good two hours. Oh, you can see two of the necklaces my Mom made me in the photo.

Dinner tonight was steamed cauliflower with cheese, and a skillet of chicken apple sausage, potatoes, black beans, onions and a red pepper. I made a sauce using apple juice, apple vinegar cider, brown sugar, mustard, and a sprinkling of sea salt. Tim said “What kind of sauce did you use? This is good” when he got home and Morella gobbled it up with both hands. She didn’t care a whole lot for the cauliflower – but at least ate a few bites. OH and we had cantaloupe too (Morella or Tim didn’t’ want any but I made them). I thought it was really good.

Anyway. So there was Morella holding a slice of cantaloupe and she dropped it in the office. I made a mental note to come and get it later…and now that it is later there is not slice to be seen! I know what happened here — anyone with cats would know what happened. I hope they enjoyed it. Sheesh.

I got a wonderful literary package in the mail yesterday from my friend Sarah. Two books, two magazines, a great letter and a sheet of Edgar Allen Poe stamps. How cool is that? I totally needed something new to read as I had just finished that Twilight series and this week will have finished watching True Blood. It’s been a vampire centric month I tell you. Then today I got a package from my Mom with four handmade necklaces, a musical jewelry box, an decorated little pink box which I actually put in Morella’s room because it seems to fit it more. What a nice surprise! I like getting packages. I need to send some more out. I have a bunch of stuff just waiting for me to feel better and put them together.

Speaking of feeling better, despite having my two week cold that got worse last night, I think I am starting to feel better! I have a little more energy and have even started writing letters and post cards again. Well post cards mostly, and a letter to my Mom (easiest to start with). Last night, despite feeling totally rotten I felt compelled to go to Michael’s craft store and buy the largest crochet hook they had so that I could make a crocheted rag rug. You see, the braided one that I am working on isn’t coming along as well since it started to bowl up. I try and try and try to leave it flat and make sure that it isn’t too tight and yet this always happens. Who knows. Maybe if I finish it, it will actually lay down flat, or maybe if I wash it, then “block” it (I am still kind of unsure what that means ….) then maybe it will lay flat.

The point I am trying to make here, is that I am feeling crafty and somewhat creative again. Oh and I also have been doing more cleaning. The house got vacuumed twice this week so far, and this morning I even vacuumed the couch! I swept the filthy kitchen this evening and completely wiped down and washed Morella high chair. I think I’ll ask Tim to mop it tonight…or heck maybe just wait until tomorrow. A headache kicked in so until the tylenol kicks in, I am going to try and take it easy.

Geez, I can’t wait for these headaches to pass. Hm. I’m still hungry. Morella ate 1/2 of my dinner since hers wasn’t enough. I should go see and if there is more cauliflower — that is never as good warmed up a second time where as the skillet dinner will be.

PS. Laima – Tim is doing a thumbs up. I told him to do it and wouldn’t let him ride away until he had. I’m mean like that.

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