Today didn’t start out well. I awoke with the same headache I went to bed. It really sucks to wake up and the first thing you think is “ouch”. Tim got me some tylenol and I got an ice pack and laid in bed for another 40 minutes. It took the edge off — enough to get through the morning with an extremely crabby little girl. She was so short fused I put her down for quiet time for a 1/2 an hour. She actually did just sort of play in there by herself, being quiet and talking. After that, she “helped” me sort laundry and socks, then we watched the Wiggles, had lunch and then she went down for her afternoon nap.

I took more tyelnol at 11ish because my head was pounding again and the tylenol and worn off….then something magical happened. Sometime around noon, it vanished. Like someone snapped their fingers and said “poof” — it was gone. My head felt fine, no better than fine it felt wonderful! I could shake my head, cough and even stand up fast without suffering. I did what any sane person would do, I went and took a nap.

It was a glorious nap. It was so painfree I can’t even begin to describe it. I awoke when Morella did around 2:00. I went in and …. guess what? She was 100% better too. Her nose has stopped running, she stopped looking so miserable, she was back to her wonderful little self. I couldn’t believe it. We both had this miracle occur today.

So I uncanceled my afternoon plans and took her to the Sun Prairie library where she charmed the pants off anyone who would smile at her. She wore an adorable outfit, I looked pretty good, we had treats, we played, we socialized it was great. On the way home I washed the car (free car wash with oil change) and Morella stayed awake the entire time. Oh she ate a whole breakfast bar as a snack before we left so I didn’t feel *too* guilty about her dinner being late. Once home I made her some stinky noodles, and peaches while Tim ordered us a pan pizza. Then we watched two episodes of True Blood and I was vindicated by my prediction … and now here I am about to go to bed.

For the record I want to say that a couple of days ago I had woken up around 3:00 in the morning with a revelation about who the killer was in True Blood. I turned to Tim and wanted to wake him up to tell him — but at the very last moment realized how stupid that was, so I left it until the next day. It was so nice to find out I was right!

Oh and Morella’s new carseat arrived in the mail — we splurged and got her last years model of a Britax Marathon. It’s floral but it was only $179 and should last until she is SIX. :P I really hope it fits in the car. She tried it out before bed and looked like a little queen on her throne. So cute.

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