Hmmm the only photo I took this week is the one I posted yesterday. Oh wait I think there are some on the camera from last weekend. Hm. I’ll try to take one today. But I just had to jump online and share the great news — that is for the moment, at this very instant, I feel like a million bucks.

Remember getting sick in the spring or summer? It sucked. Well the part I am thinking in particular is about when you started to feel better, as in the morning you woke up feeling great! You could just feel spring in the air, the world waiting for you to jump in and you knew you could do it because you felt better. You had a good night’s sleep, and sure there might be residual snot and phlegm to remove from your lungs, but it didn’t dampen your spirit –by gum you were better!

Well folks that is how I feel today. I have no headache, I am not tired, I don’t feel nauseous or sick to my stomach, my nose isn’t exploding … I feel … like I could do anything.

Morella on the other hand woke up on the wrong side of the crib AGAIN and was sentenced to more quiet time (which she wanted but is now getting sick of). I used that time to take a shower — and I STILL feel like a million bucks … no wait, make that two million because now I am clean and my hair is washed and I’m even dressed and perfumed for the day.

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