I’m gonna try and update all day. We’ll see how that goes. These items done for the chunks of time are not in chronological order. So for example, I did NOT check my email right after getting up. In fact, I went to the living room and cleaned up Morella’s play area so she would have something to mess up while we made her breakfast.

By 8:44 AM today I have:
-Got out of bed at 7:17AM
-checked my email
-Opened the curtains
-Washed mud off the sofa because of that dumbass dog
-reset Morella’s play area
-ate an old donut and bowl of fruity cheerios for breakfast
-fed Morella breakfast
-washed my face and put in contacts
-checked my internet haunts
-put in a service ticket for my domain
-played with Morella
-made the bed
-finished updating my address database from xmas return labels
-hung up a few stray Morella items

Note: Morella is NOT forward facing yet. She is still rear facing and will remain so until she at least hits 20 pounds, which you know at this rate will take forever. ;)

Next Block of time until 11:37:

-changed poopy diaper
-drink big glass of water
-repack diaper bag (emptied by Morella)
-warm up some 1/2 caf
-set snacks out for Morella (fruity cheerios)
-transfer travel wipes to Ziplock baggie (morella destroyed the orginal package)
-chase Morella around with soy milk sippy cup – she didn’t drink much this am
-Call Emily and leave message about taking afternoon walk
-Address, stamp, sticker and write 15 valentines
-write a quick 3 page letter to go with my Mom’s card
-Wiggle time
–Wash high chair tray
-Take Morella with me to basement to get juice. Make sure she turns on and off all lights and helps shut the door
-make juice
-open front door and watch Morella play in front of it
-Talk to Emily and make sketchy plans for the afternoon
-Fish a pumpkin seed out of Morella’s mouth (open door treasure)
-Feed Morella lunch of: 1/8 avacado (she actually ate some this time instead of spitting it out), raspberry jello, shaved deli turkey, wedge of Laughing Cow baby swiss, 1/2 cupcake.
-Make self a grilled provolone cheese sandwich with red onions, avacado, a sprinkle of salt and miracle whip. I accidentally burned on half and had to peel it off and redo it.
-drink large glass of water
-wash Morella up, change her very wet diaper
-laid Morella down for her afternoon nap. She settled without a fuss.
-upload a photo of Morella helping me. Every time I took the sticker off her nose, she put it back on. It stayed there all morning.

NOTE: One faithful reader – Winter Snow Gypsy writes:
“sometimes all the words are missing…But then if I click&drag to select them, they reappear (only temporarily)”

Can anybody else please verify and tell me if this happens to them too? Or is it that Laima just needs to change her reader or get her computer adjusted.

11:49AM – 2:54PM

-checked mail
-took a nap from 12:25-2:24. Had a really weird dream about a hospital/hotel room
-got dressed. OMG it’s so nice to have my favorite maternity pants back!!
-text Tim, who is getting reimbursed in mileage for a trip he is taking this afternoon to Waukesha
-ate a cupcake
-chatted with Hilary and checked my email
-emailed Ann about watching Morella tomorrow morning

[Morella is STILL sleeping! That's like 3 1/2 hours! This totally makes up for yesterday's paltry one hour nap)

3:00 – 7:35

-Change Morella’s diaper
-Get Morella dressed and ready for outside
-Call Emily and agree to meet her in 20 min
-Gear up stroller, diaper bag, purse and self
-Meet Emily on her street and walk to Walgreens
-Buy facial tissue, a foot scrubber, pocket tissue and a Twix candy bar
-Leave walgreens and scarf twix
-Walk to Java Cat
-Eat an early dinner (for morella mostly, I did’t eat) beef stew, applesauce, bread
-Walk home, and on the way let Morella do some walking on the dry sidewalk parts
-Undress Morella down to onsie and dress
-Clean off high chair tray
-Return to living room two minutes later to see Morella pooped AND peed by the door
-Take her to the bathroom for a bath
-Start bath
-Laima comes and knocks
-Take Morella out of bath to answer the door
-Return Morella to bath
-Laima comes in and visits in the bathroom
-Morella declares it a short bath, and runs around naked for about 15 minutes
-I pajama her
-Visit ends with Laima, she takes her crockpots home with her
-Play with Morella
-Seat Morella in high chair for additional snack of ham and swiss cheese, I eat a cookie
-More playing with Morella – lots of “I’m gonna get you!”
-Change diaper into disposable for the night
-Sleep sack her
-Read four books: Tingalayo, Quick as a Cricket, 10 Little Ladybugs and Hush Little Baby while she drinks soy milk
-Carry her to bed while saying prayers
-Kiss her and promise to see her in the morning
-Come in here to report

Now I am going to take a shower I think. My nose has been sniffly all day! It’s like allergies … but I don’t have allergies. I refuse to believe it. It’s just that one nostril is being tickled by .. somthing which is just making the snot come faster and feel sneezy. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and …gah. I don’t feel like taking a shower right now. Maybe I should in the morning. I just feel tired like I want to lay down for awhile and just read. Maybe I’ll do that. I’ll let you know how it goes.

8:00 – 9:20

-Compromised and took a bath. The first in forever.
-I think I “popped” — I am definitely looking pregnant now.
-Got dressed
-Chatted with Tim about his meeting
-Got a bowl of Reese’s peanut cereal
-Uploaded photo of Walgreens
-Finished up this post

I think I am now going to end this day by doing one last check of the internet, finishing my cereal and going to bed.

Thanks for watching!

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