SPA day – aka my day off

Today my husband blew me away. Out of the blue, he set up a spa day for me at Elevation Salon for a 60 min massage, 30 min reflexology session, a facial followed by a wash and hair cut from our friend Lowen. As some of you maybe had realized “Wait, but it’s a Thursday! Who is watching Morella?” To answer that hypothetical question, Tim took the day off from work so that he could watch the little munchkin.

So this morning he got up, rescued Morella and gave her milk while I lounged in bed. I eventually got up to feed Morella her breakfast of oatmeal while Tim made buttermilk pancakes — making the substitute buttermilk himself! He also fried up some sausage and made some great half-caf coffee and poured me some with cream and sugar just the way I like it. :) I played with her for a bit afterward while he did a few computer things and then he took her while I showered.

Soon we were off. I was nervous, I won’t lie. I have never had a massage, though I have dreamed of it often. You know the whole thing just makes me blush through and through. A spontaneous spa day is the sort of things that happens to women in movies, on television or in magazines! It doesn’t happen to little old me. Furthermore, it was orchestrated by my gruff, no nonsense husband? Incredible…ly…sweet. :D

The massage was great. I had to modify the laying positions to accommodate Crouton, but overall it was super relaxing. I thought I would hate the reflexology because I am terribly ticklish, however after an uncomfortable minute I was able to really relax and enjoy it. I do believe it was my first foot massage ever! After it was done, I sort of just laid on the bed “taking my time” just enjoying the quiet, candles, and good smelling stuff they had going on. Then I put on a deluxe fluffy robe and slippers, went to the bathroom, got some bottled water and moved onto the facial portion of it.

I have had a facial before, in Finland actually. I sort of knew what to expect that that it would be rough on my skin and it would probably look like crap for a day or two. But after that day or two passed, I would have awesome looking skin. The treatments for the most part did burn and were uncomfortable. She got some blackheads out, told me that the warts I thought I had my face were just whiteheads and I got a great shoulder, neck, head and face massage. Ahh. Afterward, my face pretty much was red and sunburned feeling for the rest of the day. It was only until about a half an ago after reading the literature that the woman gave me, did I realize that the products were made from a mushroom extract. I don’t know how many of you know this, but I have a mushroom intolerance. I can’t eat them without facing severe consequences, so I wonder if that was aggravating my skin. As soon as I washed my face with regular handmade soap and cold water the burning eased and my face stopped being so red.

Hm. Anyway. I can’t wait to see how awesome it looks this weekend.

Then I had my hair cut and wash from Lowen, who gives neck massages. I was massaged up the ying yang and it was great! She then proceeded to cut my hair and we had a ver nice chat about what we have been doing the last couple of months. Me = boring, tired, sick person who didn’t want to do anything. Her = same story except she blames it on winter. Though I am sure she was probably just empathizing with me and probably does go out, is creative and that. Though to my credit, I am getting that creative itch back.

I am not entirely sure how I feel about the hair cut yet. It’s shorter…it got all that discolored stuff from the edges, so if I wanted to grow it out now it would look much better. I would post a photo, but I can’t stop looking at how red my face is so I guess I’ll just have to wait a few days before I get to that. Give the hair time to settle.

After that, Tim was able to pick me up right away because Morella wasn’t napping. I stopped to see my friend Sigrid and show her the hair and then pop into Gotham Bagel for two bagels for lunch. Tim picked me up, Morella was crashed out in the backseat and we drove home. Once there, he successfully transferred her to the crib, I quickly checked my email and then started to feel really tired and went to nap myself. It was good nap. I got up, read a bit and then helped Tim feed Morella dinner while he cooked a frozen pizza — that ended up mostly in the stove because it slipped off the spatula when he was taking it out! Oh that was funny. I was holding Morella and laughing so hard I started to cry. We went to go give Tim a hug and Morella started fake laughing and joining in on the hug.

It was one of those moments.

Tim then had to go off to his Thursday night game. I bathed Morella, read her some stories and put her to bed before jumping on the computer to document this momentous day. It was good one — the only other thing that would have made it better was for it to be warm, sunny and summer. ;)

Now I should go and look for something to eat. I haven’t been very hungry today. I only had three medium pancakes, a bagel, and two sausages…oh and a small piece of rhubarb pie. That doesn’t seem like much, does it? Anyway.

Thanks Darling, I love you. :D

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