So last week I was sick. I just blamed it on bad pregnancy rhinitis and change of weather, and dust, and … I don’t know. Whatever else I could because I could not believe that it was possible for me to get sick just three days after a two week cold ended. I mean, it’s just not credible, right? I finally conceded I was sick on Wednesday. I was okay on Thursday for the spa treatment and the massage person said that massages can help boost the immune system…but the next day – Friday was like the worst day yet! I felt terrible! Maybe all that blood circulating around kick started things. You know, cleansed the system? I don’t know. I’m just thinking out loud.

Yesterday is when I felt I finally turned a corner and today I finally feel over it. Sick! For another week! That’s just nuts. The one bright spot to it, is that it WASN’T that bad of pregnancy rhinitis, and also that it’s over and of course now I feel so much better and ambitious and creative, and interesting again.

Yesterday for our weekend field trip, we headed to Hilldale Mall on the near West side to explore. We hadn’t been there to look around and it sounded like they had interesting stores. I activated a 20$ gift visa card from our internet rewards program in case I wanted to splurge on something. I didn’t. We did end up getting Tim a cinnamon orange soap, and I got a sampler pack of scents, lotions and soap that I am looking forward to using. I love samples. We ended our little window shopping spree with appetizers and beer (soda) at the Great Dane. Morella did wonderful and fell asleep on the way home. I love how fast she falls asleep in her car seat now.

Today, we got dressed and went to baby book time. It was okay — the director is cramming less in, but I think we could still do without the chairs. To her credit she does say you don’t have to sit in them….but it’s kind of weird if you don’t. You know? So you have to. At the socializing end of it, Hilary called and asked if I could watch Leta and Cullen while she took Mina to the doc. I said sure and came right now. It wasn’t that bad at all having three kids around — though we are going to stop at two. :P Leta commented on the dirty kitchen, and I asked her if she wanted to help me clean it. She said no. :( I also told her that Monday is cleaning day around here because I don’t like to clean on the weekends, and I hadn’t time to do it yet. Of course I pointed the finger at Morella for messing up the kictchen so much anyway and asked what I should do about it. Sadly, Leta had no suggestions. Ha ha. Kids. She did help me cook lunch though. I love how kids like to cook. Maybe if my Mom had done that with me when I was growing up then I wouldn’t have had such a hard time with the whole cooking learning curve when we moved to Madison and I became a fulltime housewife on a budget. Whew. Tough times those were.

But I think I can finally say with conviction now — that I can cook. I guess that is kind of cool.

The rest of the afternoon was spent taking a long nap, and then handling a cranky baby girl. She keeps tearing at her mouth in frusturation so I can only guess that she is teething. Gosh I wonder if she is teething the whole rest of her teeth! She still only has 5 1/2 at this point, and she’s almost 15 months. What a slow teether. I fed her leftover pad thai noodles, baked beans and peas for dinner and then later made curry for Tim and I. Ahh, I love curry especially if we have naan to go with it (which we did).

Anyway. I had a couple of ideas for tonight but so far haven’t settled on one. I was going to start watching a movie – Mrs Pettigrew Lives for a Day and put laundry away before moving onto some craft. I should also start a letter. I also wanted to make some coffee cake — because I want some. And that brings me to the point of this post!

You know, I was thinking about cravings and how with Morella I didn’t really have any. I guess if I did, it was potatos. I loved potatos, especially with biscuits. This time I am definitely experiencing more “things I would like to eat.” So far they have been:

–cinnamon rolls
–crisp vegetables
–twix candy bars
–gummy candy
–rice krispy bars
–cold cereal
–tart pies

Uh…I’ll think of more later. I want to start making the coffee cake.

Other than that, I have been spending my evenings playing the lego Indiana Jones game that I got for my birthday with Tim. It has kind of been drowning out the desire to do anything else. Oh well, it’s not like we ALWAYS play video games. It comes in fits and spurts.

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