Twinkies only getting better. I was almost positive I was getting a cold yesterday, and even felt crappy, but still went grocery shopping after work. Got some good, easy to make food and so last night we had fajjitas then went to bed at 10:00PM. So this morning I wake up and feel fine. On a lucky note, Eric offered to take us out to dinner on Thursday, but I suggested making one instead because I don’t feel like going out to eat. It seems like we have done it so much lately (because of the travel, and the no food in the house). Tonight we are having Kitty Litter Stirfry. Tim is making it. Oh, speaking of Tim. He agreed to DJ at the Inferno on the 28th! I am excited, I already took the next day off.

I also got a surprise email from one Andy London. He is flying in this Thursday and is going to be around this weekend. That should be fun, to hang out with him a bit since I have no major plans this weekend. I haven’t seen that boy in years!

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