So last night I ended up going out to a coffee place with Hilary. We stayed until we were kicked out at 11 and then headed home. I eventually went to sleep around 12.

Today, I awoke with a headache that has persisted all day. :( I blame it on the weather. Morella had a good day. Not cranky one bit, a delight. I need to remember to write about her good days more than complain about the crabby ones. We went shopping at the Mall to buy Tim some new work clothes. I got four pairs of pants (business casual), two nice shirts, a toddler sweater and shirt all for 52$. Amazing. Tim was quite happy with his new wardrobe.

Morella had a microwaved salisbury steak boxed dinner and peas. I made a pot pie for Tim and I later, after she was fed. She’ll have pot tomorrow for lunch. I also finally made the coffee cake tonight while watching Miss Pettigrew — a movie I thoroughly enjoyed.

We voted late, at 7:40 and I was number 206. I think that is the lowest voter turnout I have participated in ever.

Well, Tim just went to bed. I heard him take his glasses off. He never beats me to bed and this cannot stand. Good night.

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