Hurray for March! WOOO! It’s means spring is just right around the corner right? Only 15 more days until we find out if Crouton is a boy or a girl. Man, it was another busy weekend. I have lots of pictures. It’s like picture overload. I really need to to just sit down one day and upload them onto gallery. Just like I need to, at the very least, update my own bio.


Today I:

  • Went to Baby Book time with Morella. She wore an adorable blue overall jumper her Gaga made for her. I had adjusted the buttons so that it would fit her, but it’s still a little big. I think I’ll wait a while longer before having her try this outfit again.
  • She was super tired – probably from getting up so darn early and going to bed really late. After a bunch of eye rubbing, big yawns and general crankiness I brought her home and put her to bed. She sleep for 3.5 hours! I took about a 3 hour nap with her. I was so tired too from lack of naps over the weekend. Taking a nap in the car just isn’t the same!
  • Made a vague thai squash soup and pop overs (first time) for dinner. Morella didn’t like it. I don’t know what her deal is. She doesn’t seem to like squash at all, but Tim also thinks maybe she doesn’t like any garlic either. Sigh. I guess it’s time to experiment…or should I power through this and MAKE her like them?
  • I brought some of the soup, popovers and girl scout cookies to Stephanie’s and visited a while. Boy her boy sure can fart! Morella could never toot like that five week old.
  • Spent a lot of time on the internet this evening not doing much but looking around, catching up and now writing this. I could have been reading or playing Dynasty Warriors 6 with Tim (who is currently playing Mass Effect).

This weekend

  • Baby shower in Milwaukee for SIL Kandace and BIL Phil — who are due sometimes in April and have not yet been to see a doctor once. I can’t tell you how many times they have been told about Badgercare, given applications, phone numbers, offers to help them set it up and still they resist. It’s freaking ridiculous! That baby needs some effin’ prenatal care! I know, I know, babies for thousands upon thousands of years made it just fine without prenatal care, however — mortality rates were also quite high. Let’s not forget that shall we?
  • Anyway. The baby shower was okay, except for the part where four woman chain smoked right next to the baby gifts and major pregnant lady opening them the entire time. The rest of us with small kids kept as far away from them as possible. And you know the kicker? The chain smokers were there for the baby shower! My goodness!
  • Our friends Sarah, Dave and Ruth visited us on Saturday. It was a really pleasant visit and such a nice incentive to clean the house. I went out and bought a “easy reach gripper” just before they arrived because I am tired of bending over so much to clean up. I need all the help I can get! And I can’t tell you how many times I wished I had one when Morella was little. I never got it because it seemed like such a luxury. Well, I want that luxury now! And it’s SOOOooooo worth it.
  • Drove to Janesville to attend an impromptu grade school reunion for Tim. We had dinner the fellowship hall at St. John’s Lutheran something or other and it was good. The chicken soup was way too salty. Morella wandered around quite freely while it was in a lull and had a great time charming everyone. She’s really attracted to teenagers and other kids, and older people…and…well I guess anyone that will return her smiles. Two of Tim’s old classmates showed up.
  • I went grocery shopping on Sunday. It was a mad house per usual.
  • Watched Tropic Thunder and thought it was okay.
  • Read From Here to Maternity – making my book total so far this year – 5. Not too shabby! I picked up a new China Mieville book at the library today. Looking forward to starting that. I would be happy if I could read at least 25 books in the year. I read a crapton of magazines…that should count as something, but alas it never does.

Man. I have a case of the munchies right now. We have all been NOT sick for the past week and and half and it’s been….just … so…..great. Morella is such a wonderful person to hang out with when she isn’t sick. I have only had to deal with two headaches. Maybe two and half…but it seems better. I felt really bad about finishing a whole bottle of tylenol in the span of about a month. I hope they start going away.

I can feel Crouton kicking up a storm! I’m looking forward to when I can actually feel the kicks from the outside. So far I haven’t needed my full body pillow. I am sort of hoping that I can hold off on that until it’s warm and we don’t need two comforters to keep us warm. I just can’t imagine dealing with that under two blankets. Ugh. I have been starting to get the beginning of leg cramps…I should probably eat more bananas and get Tim to massage calves every night. He said he only has the endurance to do it for two minutes, that his hands weren’t made for manual labor but for art. :P

I wish I had a plate of french toast in front of me right now, drenched with butter and swimming in maple syrup. I think it’s safe to say that my appetite is starting to return. Gah, it’s going to make up for the first 1/2 of the pregnancy with a vengeance, isn’t it? I was the same with Morella. I did all the gaining after week 17 — all forty something pounds of it. Hm. Just gotta remember, it will eventually go away. After all, we are relatively active people, and eat fairly balanced stuff for the most part. I mean, I was back to what I was before Morella at 11 months and that was without me even trying!

But seriously, that french toast would be just perfect.

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