• I’m run down. Tim even commented that I looked like crap.
  • Morella only took a 1.5 hour nap again today, meaning I only got like 10 minutes. The nap, I believe was shortened because of: Migo howling in the hallway outside her door, National Guard Jets roaring above us, neighborhood asshole vacuuming his car and the blasted bird clock tweeting the loudest, and longest call – the 1:00 which is the robin. :P
  • I think Morella is teething. She is gnawing on a lot of stuff. Not napping well. Not eating great. Short tempered.
  • We visited Hilary this morning and had a snack and Cullen and Morella played well.
  • I made eggplant parmesean for dinner tonight and it was pretty good.
  • Tim got me a twix from the grocery story because he had to go and pick up more soy milk.
  • I baby sat an 11 week old yesterday and felt like I got a glimpse into how August was going to be — I got cold feet. Tim is trying to pep me up and saying it won’t be that bad. Hilary said I wouldn’t pregnant and be feeling like I have lot more energy. I hope so.
  • Still feel pretty crummy.
  • Emily visited this afternoon and Leo kept Morella busy while I made dinner. Mostly it was her just following him around watching at what he was doing and trying to engage him, while Emily drilled me on the finer points of following a recipe.
  • Morella was cute as a button today and really cuddlely and giggly this evening when Tim came home. We got some full on belly laughs out of her — uncommon.
  • I am up too late and can barely keep my eyes open. I’m really tired.
  • Tomorrow is supposed to be super nice. We plan on going to the Sun Prairie Library to return stuff. But I was also thinking a walk. Though I’ll probably have to bring the stupid dog. :( Whenever I do that he poops and I *hate* picking up dog poop. Plus, pushing a baby and walking a big stupid dog who wants to sniff everything is tiring me out just thinking about it. Still, he deserves a nice day walk. I guess it will have to a short one.
  • I finally really like my hair cut.
  • Reading Un Lun Dun by China Mieville…it’s okay so far.
  • I don’t think I even did half the things I wanted to do today. Sigh. I did do the dishes though. That’s something. I would have done more except lots of socializing happened. Watch, now we are going to get sick. I swear I should just live in a bubble.

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