What is most amazing about this belly, is that it’s so low. It’s like a round ball whereas last time Morella was definitely much higher and tucked more into my abdomen. Is it because it’s a boy? Or is it because everything is stretched out? Hm. Only time will tell. I might be getting a wee bit excited to find out. My “everything is going to be okay” visualization is imagining in a year or two me hugging both Morella and Crouton together. One big armful of kids. :D

It was super nice today. I left the front door open for awhile so Morella could look outside and open and close the door. We went to the Sun Prairie library and met up with two other Mom’s and babies and had a good time. It’s so relaxing there, except for when Morella ranges out far and wide. Sheesh. I got her four more books to read and she seemed to tolerate them well tonight for bedtime. A time, that I moved up 15 minutes. I think it’s the closest I can get to compromising for daylight savings time this weekend. Just think — more sunlight! It will be easier to be motivated to go for walks when Tim gets home.

I really hate the jets that just have to fly by between 12 and 1. Seriously. Does it have to be over Madison? Can’t it be over … like say Bellville? Boyceville? Lake Winnebago? Someplace where not as many people (especially me) would be annoyed with it? I’ve always hated the noise, it’s absolutely deafening and I swear I can hear the pilots thoughts “Ha ha, look how awesome I am!” which further fuels my anger.

We got the prints of the pictures I posted the other day of Morella at the wedding! How thoughtful was that? The window picture was the one Tim picked to put in the really cool bug frame we got at Morella…er … Morella got for her birthday. ;) It had to be just the right picture.

I made grilled cheese and we had a can of progresso or something’s lentil soup which sucks. I added salt and pepper and that didn’t do much to help it. Morella and I also had green jello and girl scout cookies. Tim brought home a box of caramel delights. I love those things. I could eat the whole box. I rarely say that about any cookie, but I mean it about this. Morella likes the peanut butter patty cookies. I am going to save the rest for her. They are so fatty! Awesome! I love finding sweets that she likes to eat. I know, I’ll probably regret that statement in the future when she is demanding cookies for breakfast. However, she hasn’t been eating much these past two days on account of some teething so I’ll indulge her. I find it hard to say no to any kind of food when it comes to her especially after I learned she really is off the charts in term of weight. Sigh. At least her cousin was too. It’s genetic.

I’m also getting a little tired of the shocked “She’s such a PEANUT!” comments. Every day that she is out in public for the last couple of weeks, someone has exclaimed some variant of this statement. I usually just nod and agree, and say ‘yeah, she’s slight’ or ‘but she’s healthy.’ A teeny part of me kind of wishes I had some witty comeback though. Not that I would ever say it, but it might be nice to think in my head.

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