Alright folks, I have spent a crapload of time on this today, and used up good movie and video game playing time in order to get these ducks in a row and all caught up! Whew! Working on five albums worth of photos really makes your butt go to sleep. But I am done now. I am caught up. Hurray! There are TONS of pictures for you to look at in the gallery…as always, there are links to your left, but here they are for easy viewing/clicking.

March 2009
February 2009
January 2009
November 2008
October 2008

Now here are a few pictures from the this weekend and last weekend.

Tim and his neice Moslee are both very, very sad. We are at Kandace’s Baby shower in Milwaukee.
Chuck and Kathleen (couple on lower left) had a little extra time for lunch today before their flight back home to LA. We all went out and met them at the Majaraja for some indian buffett. I like that place because it was the first resturant we took Morella out too. Kathleen is due only two and half weeks from me! Exciting! Oh and I choose this photo, even though it’s blurry because it’s the better picture and you can also tell that Morella has completely melted down. It’s a classic case of “one of these doesn’t belong.”

Morella wearing a blue party dress that her Gaga made for her this past holiday season. It’s so princess-y and fanciful, that well, I’m just gonna have her wear it as much as I can. Going to a birthday party, though, is the perfect event for dressing up — if not now then when can she wear it?

I love the expression on her face as she addresses that stuffed lion.

The previous weekend, Ruth and Morella enjoyed some snacks while Ruth’s parents visited with Tim and I. It was a really nice, relaxed visit and the perfect excuse for me to go out and buy that Easy Grip so I could clean up around the house. I am glad to say that the house is still kept pretty clean.

Okay. So this was the week 18 photo. I hated it. I was going to wear the same shirt all the way through, but I look TERRIBLE! Look at me. I mean, it’s like I look 20 times dumpier than I really am (or at least how I think I look). I guess it also looks like I am neary done…when in fact, we have 1/2 way to go!

So, I decided to redo it today. Here I am at 19w 1d — and MUCH happier about the resulting photo. See, now you can actually SEE the bump instead of how big my shirts are. I think I am much more comfortable going back to posting bare belly pictures because now it’s quite obvious that the belly is baby belly as opposed to increased belly chub. My goodness though, it’s just so crazy to see how much bigger it is now than it was with Morella at this stage in the game. Here is a photo for comparison:

18w4d in 2007 with Morella

Okay. I finished Un Lun Dun, and need to look around in my journal for that other book recommendation someone so nicely offered. I might have to order it though and wait for it come in via library. In the meantime, Morella has baby book time. I have a mini goal of 25 before Crouton arrives.

Geez, I have a lot of energy for this time of the night. I am clearly not yet accustomed to the time change (ha ha). I think I’m going to go and lay down and give my legs and butt a break and some magazines. It’s been dark and rainy all day so it’s the kind of thing that seems proper to do.

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