Geez. It’s one of those day. An extension of yesterday I guess. Yesterday afternoon Morella was just a little bear. Not happy about anything. I felt like I was putting out one meltdown fire after another. I tried everything, invented new things and just overall tried to make it through until bedtime.

As a result there are toys scattered everywhere, oatmeal bits all over the rugs and floor, I am still in my jammies and not wearing a bra (something that will be addressed shortly, as I feel so…incomplete without it and I’m really hungry and completely underwhelmed by the options presented to me in my own house.

–30 min later –

Meltdown over diaper changing.
Meltdown over getting of the changing bed.
Meltdown because I wouldn’t let her take the box of jewelry off the bed.

I’ll keep you posted. Time to try lunch right now.

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