I finally made the brownies and they are a total disappointment. Way too labor intensive and really not that great. I told Tim to take them to work with him tomorrow. Actually, we are going to drop them off after or before we grocery shop after breakfast and after Tim leaves on his bike. Something like that. Anyway. Above is a photo of my newest Beater Licker. It’s a good thing we are going to have only two because then there is a beater for each of em. She did a really good job too — taking care of both of them. Oh it was just too cute. I felt like it was one of those passing the torch moments. :D

The doctors appointment happened. It turned out that just as the nurse was finishing taking my vitals the doctor popped in and said she had to be called away. My appointment was finished with the other OB at the office. Since it’s just 20 week one nothing really needed to be done other than making sure we were all doing okay. And I am. Well, I’m ashamed to admit it. I broke my policy of don’t ask don’t tell. I got a little cocky not having gained any weight, but I had a feeling this time was going to be different. I’ve been hungry. First, taking your shoes off does make a difference — my shoes weighed 1.5 pounds! Second, I gained 5 pounds since last month. That’s only two up from the very beginning — but still it’s started. Gah. Five pounds. It seems like so much for one stupid month, but I guess it only seems like that because I had barely gaining anything. I guess it was the same with Morella. I didn’t gain the weight until the second half of the pregnancy and boy howdy — I caught up. :P I’m not talking 60 or 75 pounds, but you know the 40-50 range. I am not sure because my doctor told me to quit paying attention. Ha ha. Good doctor.

I need to go back to that. I’ll stress myself out too much. I’ll violate the good advice I give to other women who are worried about gaining too much too fast. Besides, sure I have had an extra dessert or two — it happens. It also happens when I am not pregnant. I don’t feel like my diet has changed that dramatically…well I am eating a lot less meat. It has to be prepared just right. I haven’t been making too many casseroles either. That is so unlike me! I think there is an element of exercise too, I need more of it but that will happen when it’s warmer.

Wait a second there. See that? Last time I DID exercise. I was in awesome shape. I watched what I ate and still I gained a bunch of weight. In the end, what really matters is that I lost it all. It did go away, and I was going to be even better than ever when I started going to the YMCA, except that chance didn’t come to me yet. Crouton did instead, and that’s much better. The Y will always be there.

Croutons heartrate was 155 ish. Uh oh. That might compromise the fast/slow heartrate for boy/girl theory. Hey speaking of which, it’s time for guess the gender (and due date, and all the rest of that jazz if you are so inclined.)

There you go! Click away! You know what’s interesting, the last time Lauruska won according to the statistics. I should send you something to commerate your winning. I intended to do that last time, but hey I still can. I can also do the same for Crouton. Like really package it up, complete with postage and return address and all that so all I need to do is add the winner’s address. Oh yeah, and the big ultrasound is set for 4:00 on St. Paddy’s day which is next Tuesday.

In sum. No more worrying about weight! Go away evil thoughts. You don’t do anyone anyone good.

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