Thanks to Emily for this photo — I love it. It’s my current favorite. :D This is Morella last week at her son’s 1st birthday party.

Today I baby sat Alex again. I took them both to Baby Book and Tim installed the infant car seat so I could do it. I guess it was a little taste of what is to come. I’m glad to say that I managed to do it and survived. It wasn’t even a huge ordeal. I just introduced her as Morella’s cousin, because I feel like in indian way there is probably some way they are related. Ha ha.

My friend Lowen came over a little bit later to visit while I enjoyed a dual nap from Morella and Alex. :D We sat in the office on the futon and chatted until Alex woke up and we had rhubarb/mixed berry pie that I made yesterday.

Sunday we cleaned up the house. Went to Target and got Morella a booster high chair type seat that we can put on a chair. We haven’t used it yet. So far Morella is just sitting on it while it waits in the hallway. Tim’s parents came to visit yesterday afternoon and stayed for dinner. I made a chicken “snatchatore” recipe I got from Amy Sedaris’s I Like You book that I got from Hilary. It was okay, very old person kind of dish.

Did you know most old people call black olives “ripe olives?” Weird huh?

Anyway. Saturday we went to a bike expo and gave away $5 for the honor of going to a lame event. I signed up for giveaways at the four booths they had, and then we left. We stopped at the canoecopia and walked away moments later after finding out the entrance fee was $10 dollars. Um. I think they should be paying US to go and look at kayaks and canoes in this economy. Can a get a hell yeah?

So we got into the car, disappointed and started driving. We made to Greenway Cross Station and visited Orvis, which is kind of like an outdoor sports place for old people so that Morella could visit the stuffed dog section. They are life sized stuffed doggies (fake) that Morella just LOVES. She could have stayed there all day. We dragged a tearful little girl away to wander the aisles of World Market before heading over to Hubbard’s Diner to put our name on the list, wait for five minutes and then decided to go home with the premise of “finding something on the drive home.” You know that never happens, you end up home.

Can you tell the TV is on while I am posting this? It’s all over the place.

Tomorrow is the big day! Get in your guess now so that you have the highest chance of winning come August or you know, at the very least to make it more fun. ;) That reminds me, that they called me on Saturday? Something like that asking me to call and confirm the appointment. What bullcrap is that? Of course I forgot to do that today because I was busy, and it’s stupid to confirm an appointment that I made — all they should be doing is reminding me of it. Sheesh. Confirm. PFT! I’ll be sure to sound a little pissy about it … okay… maybe just a snide comment? Sigh. Fine. Perhaps I’ll phrase something to the effect about how “inefficient” it is.

My crochet rag rug is really coming along.

I’ve been taking Morella out every day and she loves it.

I have to host the play group for the East Side Mom’s club on Wednesday and I have no idea what to do. Sigh. :( I wish I had a finished basement so I could just say to host it here. I could do it here but I’m sure there are oodles of people allergic to cats or dogs. Think…think…..Oh the pressure is too much!

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