I feel much better about things today. I emailed my doctor and she said she would have me back for another ultrasound during the 3rd trimester (a full two months away at least) to finish the spinal measurements. That said, I have thought about it and decided I would bring in the consent form to have a 3D ultrasound done before that — I see her next at the 23 week appointment. So hurray for another ultrasound and boo for it being so far away. :P

I watched baby Alex again today because the other baby sitter bailed. I wonder how long it is going to be before Alex’s Mom has to find real, reliable daycare. I wish I could do it for her, but really I feel better about just being a back up. Especially since this morning I was putting my pants on and when I lifted my right leg something happened with the dull ache I normally feel in my inner thighs that connect to my torso (aka crotch pain) that I couldn’t walk for a good 15 minutes! It was awful! I also had to host the play group today … thank goodness one other person showed up to make it worth the effort of hauling two cranky kids out and about, while barely being able to walk. I was glad when she picked her up so that I could take Morella to the park.

She liked the rocks, liked the slide, didn’t care for the swing but LOVED running around the wide open space. She had so much fun. Came home and had fried fish, green beans and baked potato for dinner with sherbet for dessert. She screamed for her 3 minute bath in which Tim scrubbed her down — I never thought she would be back into a bath hating phase again. :( And then was so irritable and tired that Tim put her to bed a 1/2 an hour early with no stories. She also went to bed yesterday at 7:00 after playing in park for an hour. Is being outside for an hour a day really sapping her energy that much?

I got a bunch of ho chunk language instruction stuff in the mail today complete with Cd and everything! Cool. I also got a printed article from an old acquaintance, and a thank you card so it was it sort of a mail bonanza.

Cute things Morella did today: feed the baby her bottle, gave the baby her pacifier, rocked her car seat when she was crying, hugged her several times and put her head on the babies chest with a huge contented smile, patted her head, pushed me on the on the swing, put green beans in her hair, played for 30 minutes taking wet wipes in and out of a bucket, got mad when the baby used her crib (all teary eyed and whiny), told me several important “drywler drywler” stories, and hung off the baby gate at the coffee house looking out at the customers like an imprisoned baby. Oh man do I love love love this bucket of kid.

Tim is working really late so that means I am up really late too. I made a cake tonight after doing the dishes and drying diapers. I had it while it was warm with some ice cream…oh so good.

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