One of my contacts is all gummy. I know it’s not old because I just replaced them on Wednesday. I should probably clean it. I don’t feel so hot this morning. Breakfast isn’t sitting well with me. I had a bowl of cereal and then decided to try and tackle the leftover cake with ice cream. I got a few bites in before deciding it was too old and icky to finish but by then the damage had been set. I guess.

Tim is at Woodman’s right now with Morella picking up milk and getting supplies for her overnight stay at the grandparents. Tim and I are staying in a hotel tonight for a great price thanks to Tim’s mom. See…it’s like they PAYING us to take Morella. Ha ha. No seriously, she works at a the hotel and can get rooms cheap. So we go to Milwaukee, switch her off to to them at Tim’s sister’s so Morella can have a chance to play and stretch her legs with her cousins. Then Tim and I see the Watchmen, eat dinner and go to a benefit band show and the best part is really the sleeping in on Sunday. OH man that’s going to be nice.

I think they are home…I should go and fix my contact, get dressed and pack. I already have Morella mostly done and I’m sure ours isn’t hard to do. It’s just overnight. It’s difficult to get motivated when you are feeling that great though. You know? Stupid cake. It came back to get me.

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