Last night I watched the Bachelor yet again. I am so stupid. I know. I also did two loads of laundry (we were in desperate need of skivvies….I was even “borrowing” a pair of Tim’s), cleaned up the bedroom a bit and cleared off my desk to write. I started a good letter to Sarah, about 7 pages in (or three pages, back and front, depending on how you count). From the noise generated from the dining room, the gamers were having a good time and one of them even brought chocolate. Yum.

Tonight Kate and Eric invited us over for dinner, and hanging out. He did orginally want to go out to eat, but I declined that offer in favor of hanging out and entertaining ourselves. Besides, Tim hasn’t seen their apartment yet, and it is a nice apartment. They have painted walls. Hmm.. I am having difficulty updating their picture….I will fix that tonight when I get home and not at the mercy of online file managing. I am looking forward to seeing their completed (mostly so) apartment.

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