There. Bread bowls started and in the warm oven rising. Seriously, when recipes call for “a warm place,” what do they expect? There are no “warm” places in this house. They are all equally chilly. What did they do in the old days? I imagine that they let the bread rise by the stove. I also got the ham and pea soup started — it’s a crock pot recipe that calls for 4-5 hours on high. It will be done at six…a little later than I would like, but I had a little handicap running around the kitchen playing with ice she ganked from the freezer and then subsequently slipping on it. I also let her help me knead the dough, as well as measure, and then she just ended up licking sugar granules out of a measuring cup.

The sun is out! Well it was for a second. Now it’s just lighter outside. Too bad it’s cold and yucky. I might almost go for a walk. Morella sure seems like she could use it. This whiny stage is … uhhh uhhh uhhh uhhh uhhhh uhhhh uhhhh uhhh uhh uh u hhhuhhhuhuhhj!

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