We made a little progress on the disaster that is our house today. I managed to at least find the sink, counter and sweep the floor.

Morella and I went shopping this afternoon before the snow started. I needed to get her a new coat, and so we went to check out Savers. Wow, the new savers is nice. It’s so clean, big, spacious and the prices were great for the most part for kids clothes. I got Morella really nice green jacket for 3 bucks! I also got her a doll stroller ($2) that she LOVES and has been pushing around her stuffed animals all after noon. I found an older speak and say for $2 as well — it’s in great condition and Morella is close to figuring out to really use it. In addition to the awesome green jacket I got her: five pairs of pants, a red scottie dress/jumper with matching hat, a pink plaid jumper/dress, a yellow dress, two shirts, a hoodie and a fleece kitty sweater. This in addition to the three vintage dresses I got her yesterday at a consignment resale and jean jacket. I think she is almost set for the spring! I still need to find some more non skid socks. I know I could buy the puffy paint, but I really don’t want to the work. I guess Circo at Target as the non skid because babies R us nor Burlington had them. Bummer.

We also stopped at Borders and Morella bought me some lindor truffle eggs, and we got Tim a collected graphic novels: Civil War by marvel. I had a coupon for 40% off so it was totally worth it to get that book. I didn’t stay there too long because Morella has started to succumbing to fit throwing if she doesn’t get her way.

What else. Oh the neighbors across the street got a fancy new playset for the two kids living there. I’m talking the wood, yellow chain, green canopy playset that you see around with a big slide. So the Mom came over and asked us we wanted the plastic play set thing they had since their kids outgrew it. We decided sure, why not. It will be in the backyard and not such an eyesore …. and it’s free and something for Morella to play with back there that hopefully won’t hurt her. Plus, it seems like it will work as a play thing for both Crouton and Morella for a few years.

I need to go to bed. I have a tummy ache from the decaf black tea and sort of a headache brewing. Dinner totally sucked and I am getting really frustrated with Morella not eating anything, hating baths and being short fused.

Sigh. At least she likes the doll stroller…it’s so cute to see her push it around the house. She had a bit of a runny nose this evening — we are hoping that she doesn’t get what Tim had this past week. Ugh that would suck suck suck.

Crouton is kicking up a storm these days. My neighbor the other day asked me point blank TWICE if there was anything new going on with us. I finally said “uh we are expecting another baby August 1st…” and he said “I thought so! You can tell.”

Gah. You can tell. I suppose, it’s no secret anymore and it really won’t be the time it’s summer. Speaking of which today is supposed to be a belly shot today. I might have to do that tomorrow.

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