Last night I did a little retail therapy. Tim got his raise notice and I’ve been feeling so cooped up that I wanted to splurge a little. After Morella went to bed I headed out. I first stopped at Michaels and browsed the dollar bins. I got some ribbon, some fairy acrylic stamps that compliment the set I already have, a Gardener’s apron and four packages (8 each) of cupcake paper plates — for dollar each! Awesome.

At Target I tried on a maternity shirt, decided it looked dumpy and then quit looking at clothes. I have plenty of maternity clothes that I can wear, especially when it gets warmer — which is soon right? I just have to make it through April and then I am golden. I found Morella’s non skid socks and got one in every color. The sizing is 12-24 so I shouldn’t need to buy any more socks – and Crouton can wear them later on too. I don’t think I need to buy socks again for a long time, and truth be told this is the first time I had to do it. We were living off of the socks that friends gave us when Morella was born. :D I also got Morella blue shirt — it was on clearance for two bucks. You know she looks so good in blue, it really shows off her eyes.

I bought myself a new purse. One with straps long enough to wear across my shoulders. I can’t tell you how many times I have cursed my purse that never stays on shoulders and always falls when I am holding Morella and have to bend over…either to pick her or something else up. I almost got one with a flap but then remembered what a huge pain in the ass it is to open that flap with one hand. They didn’t have black…so I ended up getting orange! Wow. Orange. No seriously, I like orange so I’m okay with it — but to consciously by a color other than black is huge for me.

I also got a new hat (clearance).

No, the real splurge was a toy organizer with bins for Morella for $60. At first I got one with pastel colors but then an aisle later realized that there was one with primary colors in the boys aisle. I ditched the pastel one and got the one with primary colored bins. I can’t wait to put it together. I think it’s going to be in Morella’s room. She has plenty of space in there for it. My own extra special little splurge was one of those new age CD’s from the music section that you can push buttons and hear samples. I got the native american flute and guitar one – hey it was on sale and I felt like something a little new and yet familiar. Oh and then you know, I got witch hazel, tissues and tooth paste.

After I finished my decaf Mocha (from the starbucks at Target), I headed back and stopped at Woodman’s for a big grocery shopping trip. We needed big ticket things like olive oil, balsamic vinegar, teas, soda and milks. I bought Morella two of the vanilla soys for like a total of 5.50. That’s a lot of money for a gallon of milk! But you know what? It would be that price in Chicago for one half gallon. Thank goodness for Woodman’s.

Came home exhausted. That was a lot of walking and shopping, and it was 10:30 and I was TIRED! Morella’s nap yesterday lated a 1/2 an hour. Sheesh. I walked into the kitchen and almost walked out, never to return. It was a disaster. Floor was still dirty (but swept), dishes spilling out everywhere. Dinner still on plates and scattered about. Dish towels, wash clothes, bibs and a pair of duckie pajamas* scattered about the floor as well as various toys and papers. Tim put groceries away and I washed as many dishes as I could fit into one rack. I followed that up by cleaning the counter, mopping the floor, cleaning off the table and wiping down Morella’s slop chair. After that I needed to sit down and decompress and stayed on the internet far too long.

Thus, this morning I have a super snotty baby who is still sick but doesn’t have a fever (as of yet) and I am really, really tired. Times like this I am reminded that “me” time isn’t nearly as good as “not being tired.”

*A cute aside, the dish towels and wash clothes has been in the living room. It was only later last night that I realized Morella had brought them into the kitchen and tried to put them away in the drawer that they belong.


One last thing! Morella has two new teeth. A top left molar, and a bottom tooth (next to one of the two that is in). My baby girl now has EIGHT teeth. Whoa. Soon she’ll be eating jerky.

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