Another grey, dreary day. We all slept in late this morning. Tim until 7.30. Morella until 7.55, and me until 8:00. It was weird. Morella went down for a nap at 9.30. She’s still a snot factory — it comes out like volcanic eruptions every 1/2 hour or so, then I have to face her wrath by coming after her with a tissue. That new lifescapes CD I got at Target the other day has been awesome — I put her down, and play it in the living room where she can still hear it lightly and she sleeps. It is rather soothing.

Oh crap I have diapers in the wash…hold on. Crap. My foot fell asleep and is in the process of pins and needles so I can’t move it. I’ll wait a few minutes before going to put them in the dryer. I also need to wash some of her bedding. Yesterday she tried to cram herself into a small plastic tub and fell over bashing her inner lip. Soon thereafter she knocked down a small bookshelf (I was rearranging) and it must have have reactivated the cut because her sheets had blood all over them. OH it’s better now.

I went to bed early last night at 9:30. I think I went to sleep right away — which is always nice. I had lots of vivid dreams – also nice. Since I went to sleep early I have no big desire to rush back to bed and nap, especially since she started her nap so early. I need to figure out someway to turn this day around. I am tired of feeling all cooped up and bluesy because of a sick kid and depressing weather. I almost feel inclined to putz around the house. You know do things like fix a few pictures and hang them up. Straighten up some bookshelves. Dust.

Yesterday my throat was a bit scratchy, and today I am starting to feel a little stuffy nosed….I hope I am not getting sick. Maybe this is the worst it will be.

I wish I had more interesting things to say. I really do. The rag rug I am working on is turning into a epic craft because of how much material the monster requires. I haven’t finished crocheting the lastest batch of cut up and sewn stripes, but I have a feeling it isn’t going to be enough and then I am going to have to hunt for more appropriate discarded clothes/rags, etc around the house to feed it. When it’s done it’s going to be super nice for the kitchen though. I have two large towels I want to turn into a bathroom rag rug — I need to refresh myself on how to crochet a circle though.

Alright, well. I guess I’m going to go and put a bra on and change my clothes from the ones I wore yesterday. That should help in differentiating yesterday from today. At least it’s Wednesday now — better yet, at least it’s April.

Happy April Fool’s.

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