Hey guess what? I’m sick again. Blast it all. Tim gave it to Morella, who had it all week and now it’s finally my turn. I knew we should have just all licked each other as soon as Tim had gotten it. On the bright side, it seems to not be as bad as Tim’s was — however Morella is on a new round of antibiotics for the fluid in her ear that we all know would have turned into a raging ear infection at 6:01 PM this evening.

She’s still snotty and not napping today. She went down at lunch but coughing fits kept her awake and that fucking cat — Migo’s howling finished off any hopes of a nap after I had given her honey. Sometimes I really hate my cats. I mean it. I decided to go outside then, and we spent an hour in the back yard. She went down her new slide a few times, wandered around played with balls and I cut back wild grape vines that obscures my garden bed. Yeah I think I’ll do a garden this year. It will be a good reason to be outside and something to do while Morella wanders. I’ll get starters though…is that what they are called? When it’s already started for you? I can’t do just planting seeds because the weeds grow faster than the plants and I don’t know which is which until it’s too late. I wouldn’t mind herbs…a bunch more of basil, rosemary etc…

Still not napping. My soundscape CD isn’t cutting it this time. I have a raging headache that just started out of nowhere. This is like the third time that’s happened in the last three weeks. My blood pressure is always okay at the doctor’s though…I’ll guess we’ll see on the 13th.

I went to subway for lunch today and brought it home. It wasn’t as good as usual because I couldn’t taste much. Morella ate a good Morella lunch. That leaves us with dinner. Ugh. I am so sick of thinking of meal after meal after meal. I’ve been cheating and eating out at lot — and the other day we got Outback Takeout (best meal I’ve had in months!). I feel so guilty getting more takeout but I am having such a hard time constantly making dinner right now, especially when Morella doesn’t eat it!

Oh the doctor said she had a slightly red throat, so that and her two new teeth and being sick probably put a damper on her eating THIS time. But doesn’t it seem like I am always trying to find excuses for her poor eating? She weighs 18lbs and 7 oz. She gained four ounces since the 23 of Feb.

Sigh. Can I go lay down now? Is she sleeping? It’s been quiet for about five minutes….should I even bother trying?

OH and here some pictures.

The last one is Morella getting “stuck” under the green coffee table. Sheesh.

She is banging her crib. No naps for me. :(

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