Last night while battling for the good of all across the Dynasty we heard a strange noise come from Morella’s room. I motioned for Tim to turn the TV to mute and we listened. Morella was crying softly and he went to her door to listen better. She cried for about a minute more and then stopped. Not a peep was heard from her the rest of the night.

I laid in bed this morning, and tried to stretch out my time as long as possible, waiting for Morella to run down the hallway and gobble something at me before pitterpattering away. However, when Tim walked into her room to give Morella her morning sippy of vanilla soy I heard “Oh no.” Followed immediately by a froggy cry. Oh no? Oh crap.

“Did she throw up?” I asked and slipped my feet into my dirty white slippers.

“Yeah,” he replied glumly. “Can you get me a washcloth?”

I went to the bathroom and turned on the hot water, filling the sink and tossing in a wash cloth. Afterward I walked into her room to get the sheet, stuffed animals and blankets out of her crib and threw them down the chute. Since I got a cold this past weekend, my sense of smell is 1/4 it’s normal capacity, and that wasn’t even working during this. Tim carried Morella back, and I saw her hair was covered with dried puke.

“She slept in it,” he said. I knew we both felt bad.

“Maybe I should take a shower with her,” I said. She hates baths and a shower would be much faster.

“Okay,” he said. I took her and got her undressed, and took her temperature while he recovered in the living room. Her temp was 100.4. Down from the 101.9 it was the previous evening. It wasn’t until I was about to get into the shower with her that I finally caught a whiff of the smell and understood while Tim was dry heaving. It was just vomit people, not like it was the worst vomit in the world. Geez. I guess I can thank my lucky stars for that stupid cold now? Nah…

She cried softly throughout the shower and gabbled at me. I’m sure it was something along the lines of “No, take me out of here. No, I don’t want to be here. I’m not dirty. I’m fine. I don’t mind it. Stop the wet.”

Eventually I did, and she was handed over to Tim who got her dressed. She seemed like she was in a great mood. Talking, smiling, and being animated. Later on, I realized I forgot to wash the ear that was mashed into the pile of barf and so despite a wet washcloth wash later, we still have the faint aroma of vomit. Like I said, thank goodness my nose is stuffed up for the most part. That is until I try to sleep, but that’s another story that isn’t very interesting.

I cancelled our morning play group plans again, and settled into hanging out the house. I thought it was going to be easy as pie because she was in such good spirits. She was acting like a million bucks! Let’s just say that by the end of the day she was more like $5.50. Barely ate anything, slept a lot, crabby, clingy, wanted to lay in her bed…she was only better after we gave her some motrin and played well after her “dinner.” We even let her stay up an extra 50 minutes because her last nap was so long (1:30-5:00).

On the upside, I got in a really good nap myself. Kind of makes up for the crappy sleep I’ve been getting the last couple of days. The round ligament pain is just …. ugh. The latest flare up has me hobbling around the house like an old lady.

If she has a temperature tomorrow morning, we’ll take her in to the clinic again. I’m thinking it was a stomach bug. I hope this is the last we see of ANY sickness until next fall. Cold and flu season? You are fired!

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