Whew! I had a big project to finish this morning, in which I had to write about myself and my work in a glowing light. Very difficult. I find it really hard to boast about myself.

Friday night we had dinner downtown Gino’s with Andy, Callie, Zeman, Krisiti, Mike and Rachal. It was okay, I don’t understand why Callie has such a love affair with that pizza joint, their crust sucks and the toppings are too drippy. The company was good though, and the appetizers were great. Afterward we went to this Korean karoke place…called Coffee Cafe (it is most likely something different but since none of us could speak Korean, we called it …Coffee Cafe). It was okay, but I think I don’t want to do it again for a long time. Twice is way more than enough for one year. The most spectacular part of that was listening to Callie perform Black Velvet. Man, does that girl have a voice!

Saturday was a lazy, watch movies on TV, play Battle of the Bands with Tim (he won), reorganize the entertainment center and hook up the stereo through it, play video games, and all around putz. Sunday, watched Joe Dirt. It was like watching a train wreck, I couldn’t get away from it Then Jason told Tim Death in June was playing at the Congress at 6.00 that day. Crappy promotions. We went shopping to target and good food at Jewel then headed home to eat, and leave again for the show. The show wasn’t what entirely what I expected.

The luftwaft band sucked and encouraged me to have two more beers, Boyd Rice was forgettable, and Death in June wore one costume, two masks,…but there this super loud screeching pig, soundtrack looping over everything they did. I couldn’t stand it, it was so loud. Then I started to think that it was nothing more than a thinly, veiled metaphor for their contempt of the American audience (they HAD vowed they wouldn’t play in the US anymore), and the kids standing up at the stage were pigs in a trough. Disgusted, Tim and I went for a smoke and a beer to talk and ride out the rest of the show…outside the show. It was at the Congress, so there were tables in their makeshift “Bar” area. Afterward, Jason gave us a ride to the red line and we headed home.

On the web front, Tim finally put up the book database thing he was talking about. Remember, these are just the books I remembered off the top of my head (to get it started)…I have quite a few to add. I have to change some links (including updating some pictures)…but you can check it out here….for now.

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