Morella woke up late. She slept until 7.45, got up and drank 5 ounces. Then she didn’t want to be put down. Tim carried her into the bedroom where she just laid on the bed (something she never does). Listless. He changed her diaper. Dry as a bone. Temperature still low grade and there. She still bothers her right ear. There is a white circle of something in her crib — it doesn’t smell like vomit and yet part of her hair is matted again this morning. I think it’s drool or spit up? He put her to bed without a peep, and shut the door.

I called the doctor and now have an appointment for 10:30 at Urgent Care. She is still sleeping. Why does this keep happening?

Tim’s theory is that she is still sick. The antibiotics she got are too strong for her. I feel like she’s a goldfish. You know, when you have fish they get sick and die and you don’t know why.

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