Morella is sleeping and I have started to make dinner. Tonight we are going to have chicken casserole: egg noodles, a can of cooked chicken, mixed veggies, mostly mozzerella (uhh I need more cheese) a smidge of colby and a dash of parmesean (make it interesting) and a can of cream of something.

Today is slightly better than yesterday. She is still in the pants she woke up in — I’ve decided to think of them as her lucky turtle pants, but I’m not sure that they will have survived her nap. Yesterday Morella blew through six pairs of pants. Speaking of which I should probably wash that stuff before her room smells even more like a port a potty.

She’s taking a big nap today — thank god she and I need it. Sleep is restorative right? Sleep makes you heal faster, helps your immune system. The best way to recover from something is to get as much sleep as possible. Thereby, I encourage her sleeping. I really hope she’s feeling better by tomorrow with a good three days of antibotics into her.

Tim has tomorrow off but he’s probably going to use part of it to go Janesville and hang out with people he’s barely seen or talked in the last 20 years. Hey I should use this for leverage to see if we can fanagle something to visit my friend in Appleton for Saturay … I should even see if she available for the possiblity of it.

Aw crap I heard talking in her room. Why does she always wake up just as I am about to boil something? My water is ready….

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