Saturday Photos: Easter egg hunt! (our first)

Morella helps Noah put eggs into his basket. She didn’t bother bringing her. Her Mom convinced her it would be useless and she didn’t want to keep picking it up for her.

Woah! Morella picked up two eggs on her own. Well…one at a time.

Leo showed up for the action, and so we got a quick shot of all three of them in the same camera frame. It’s gets harder the older they get.

Creeping closer….touching…..

Morella and I

The onslaught begins!

Morella and Tim on a grey spring morning atop her new play thing.

Our neighbors got one of those really nice wooden playswing sets and gave their old, outgrown plastic set to Morella. She loves it!

Down with a rotovirus. :(


Friends forever. :D

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