You know how it is. Morella got better on Friday and aside from Tim getting sick and pissing me off to no end, life is great. oh it wasn’t personal, you just know how men are when they get sick. *rolls eyes* Yeah. I don’t remember the last time I got to spend the entire day in bed because I wasn’t feeling great. :P

Anyway. The weekend was good and he was well enough on Sunday to travel. We went to his parents and had a bucket load of easter and lots of food.

Monday I had my prenatal appointment. I gained 9-10 pounds in a month. !!!! Yeah. Since then I have decided to try and eat healthier and do my best to get more walking in. I mean exercise is supposed to help with the pain — even though it’s painful to walk. But hopefully there is a pay off at some point. Right? It was a super busy day because I visited with Lowen who babysat Morella (who slept the entire time) while I was at the appointment, followed by a visit with Laima, babysitting Cullen and later on chatting with Hilary and the two girls when she came to pick him up.

Today, Morella woke up in a fantastic mood and has stayed that way all day. She ate a ton today and was super good. I love these days. I wish they could all be like this. We walked to the library and on the way stopped into to visit her neighbor friend Leo and Emily. Leo was sleeping so it was mostly me visiting with Emily while Morella ran around like a bunny hollering “dop dop dop”. At the library she walked around with a horton hears a who thing, before we went to Java Cat to visit with Laima and get a beverage. I got Morella teeny bit of gellato — it was just a big sample bit because they don’t sell tiny sizes and the small for 3.15 is really too big for me. When she was done with her tablespoon, she held out her little cup for more — several times.

Walked home and took the short cut across the field. I stopped to let her out and walk a bit, and in the process of doing so the stroller fell backward from the weight of the diaper bag and books. My barely touched lemonade splashed to the ground and was gone within seconds. Sucked up by the dry earth. All that remained was sparkling ice cubes.

I made a dinner of a salad with eggs (from Laima) for us, and mac and cheese with peas for Morella, with some steamed broccoli. Then we took Pluto for a walk — in part to keep Morella up who wanted to go to bed at 6.30. She was ramped up be the end of the walk (overtired) and resisted bed. Now when pajamas are mentioned she runs in the opposite direction. She went to bed at 7.30 — whew. I hope that means she’ll sleep until 7. She’s been getting up around 6.00 – 6.30 lately. Ugh. TOO EARLY! All that walking zonked me out and so I took an hour and half nap on the couch that might have been longer had Tim not said “Go to bed” and then had a disagreement with me regarding the state of leftovers in the fridge. :P

Okay. I gotta go to bed. I think I am going to hit the East side Mom’s play group tomorrow since it’s with a woman I kind of know (from the group). And you know, I am hungry again but I really shouldn’t eat anymore today. Especially because that “friend” of mine — Hilary brought over a dozen, assorted, still warm donuts as a thank you for baby sitting yesterday. A DOZEN and they were still warm. It would have been a crime to not eat one…thank goodness I capped it at two. It was tough though. I made her take two upon arrival so that is two less to worry about. I am looking forward to breakfast though! Off to bed with me.

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