Saturday Photos: Belly shots at 25 weeks

I’m having problems uploading photos in conjunction with my domain — but I found a work around for now. I hate technical problems. You know? That make me nervous because I don’t feel as on top of computer internet stuff as I used to be. Albeit, back in the dark ages it was a lot easier because everything was so simple. Now…gah…there is just so much that it’s impossible to even pick a direction to follow. Like I would love to redo my website, but I don’t have dreamweaver anymore and…doing it myself is just too big and I am too snotty to even think about using a lame template. Well, you know without any extras special stuff that is.

In other news, I woke up this morning clutching my glasses and something else. I put them on the nightstand and went bak to sleep. When I woke up for real later because I had to pee, the cats were in muntiny and the dog was whining to go out, I discovered that they were really messed up. All bent to heck and … grubby. How on earth did I end up doing that with my glasses? That has never happened. It reminds me of the time I woke up and swallowed an ear plug with a big drink of water like it was a vitamin. Sigh.

[corrected ip address...attempting now...]

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