I watched Resident Evil: Degeneration tonight. It was animated installment … and it was okay. It was better than the movies, I daresay. For some reason I just can’t get scared by zombies. Ghosts are another story though. After that I spent time on the internet and just now caught myself looking at photos on Facebook. MUST STOP! My time could be better spent blogging, right?

Today was okay. I got up. Showered, dressed — nice even. I wore a black wraparound maternity dress and tights! Yowza. Morella wore a cute pink skirt, colorful polka dotted baby legs, and a pink and red striped hoodie. It strikes me now that that polka dots and stripes probably don’t match, but really it was all the pink that drew it together. We went to the library for a playdate. It was okay — Morella mostly seemed shell shocked again and sort of wandered around. She didn’t have that normal joy she usually has exploring. I think it was because there ended up being too many kids. I got some books and went to have lunch with one of the other ladies at Java Cat afterward. I mostly went for the Gelato because Morella really likes it.

Got home, changed her, had lunch and then put Morella down for a nap. She’s been amazing communication wise the past two weeks. Did I mention she started signing for “more” and that she she now nods her head yes in affirmation to things that are true — like there being poop in her pants or if she wants to take a nap? On the other hand if you ask her if she wants a new diaper she’ll say “no”. Of course, she says no to many things, even as she yanks it out of your hand or opens her mouth for another bite.

Yesterday she burped long and loud and we all had a good five minute belly laugh about it. It was so funny to laugh and watch her look between Tim and I and just laughing…then we when were done she tried to fake burping and started chuckling again. You know, just like when you are getting over a really good laugh, you’ll remember it a few seconds later and laugh some more? Like that.

More Morella stuff:

–she loves being outside and was really disappointed that we didn’t go out to play today. There was one creepy moment, after her nap she was crying and kept pointing to the door. I took her to the door and she tried to open it. I opened it and there we stood looking out into the cold for about 30 seconds when the UPS truck suddenly pulled up in front of the house, a man emerged carrying a box and he brought it up to the front door where I took it from him. It was like Morella was physic!

—we got a back up solution for all our pictures and little videos of Morella…and uh other important data on the computer. It’s nice to have a back up.

–Morella loves puppies, kitties and stuffed animals. No this is not a plea for more stuffed animals. Really, we have enough. And with garage sale season upon us, we are bound to get more because people always give away a free stuffed animal to her after watching her roll around on the blanket of stuffed animals in toddler heaven. This years collection has started with a small puppy.

–She has a doctor appointment on Thursday. I am looking forward to seeing if she has gained any weight from her eating last week and this week. It’s so nice to have a baby who EATS!

—Morella loves steamed broccoli, sausage (like kielbasa, hotdog, patties, etc), cream cheese and 8th continent’s vanilla soy milk.

– I was just remembering today to where we were last year. I was pumping like all day, Morella needed thickeners in all her bottles and I was so worried that she would never be able to swallow normally and that her reflux would plague us forever. I am so glad we are past that phase.

Next Thursday we find out if Crouton is a boy or a girl. I set up an appointment with Baby’s Debut for Thursday at 3:00PM. We get to bring Morella so that will be nice. So if you haven’t gotten a guess in yet — do it now!

Crouton has been super active. Last night was the first night that I hurt sleeping though. My hips kept aching, my back hurt…ugh it was miserable. I got up several times to shift and try to get comfortable.

Speaking of which, who do I think I am staying up this late? I wasn’t able to get a nap in earlier because the neighbors renovating the house next door thought it was a good time to deposit a large metal garbage bin and then throw bricks into it for the next hour — it was SO loud and I was so crabby about it. Maybe that’s why Morella was so crabby after nap. She didn’t get a good solid sleep in.

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