Yesterday I stayed home. Watched Little House on the Prairie (man I hate Mary…her cold blue eyes scare me), Roommates which was a tale about the relationship between a cantankerous senior citizen (Peter Falk) and the grandson he raised. Followed by a wedding story (x2), and While You Were Sleeping, while drinking tea, playing with the cats and vacuuming everything in sight, including the ceiling, futon, papasan, and cat tree. Lots of cobwebs and dust collected over the past two and a half years and cat hair in general. Then I dusted everything and cleaned the picture frames and doo dads and wiped off the mantel and arranged it all pretty like with the flowers that Tim got me on Friday night. A beautiful pink and red bouquet. Then I made dinner (skillet dinner with potatos), watched Buffy and then wrote mail. It was a good productive day for myself and nice to not have to talk to anyone, or read email (not that I have any) or small talk in general.

I wish I had more penpals though.

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