I am really annoyed. Like really. For one, blogger won’t tell me when and if the post is published. I am getting “it’s taking longer than expected…” and it won’t upload photos at all. Now it could be two things. One, blogger had issues with FTPing last week. And two, so did my domain and everything was transferred to a new server. Once I corrected the IP address, I was able to publish my blog, including the pictures. However, the pictures were actually from a work around (meaning it’s published someplace else first). So really all that happened is text is working but the images are now not…make sense?

Good because it doesn’t make sense to me. Something is fucking up in between the two and it’s really got me agitated. I hate hate hate hate hate problems like this. It’s not rocket science! I should be able to post crap, and have it publish. It’s straightforward? Why do I keep having to trouble shoot these things? The last big troubleshoot like this was back at the end of December and then it was bloggers fault. I don’t care who is at fault, I just want things to work and to stop being do fucking technical. I am really tempted to switch to WordPress or something else where apparently these problems don’t happen as much. :( It’s like I am being punished for hosting my own stuff instead of putting it on blogspot.

This day was just really crappy, blogging problems aside. The park we went today sucked for the kids. I went down the slide because Morella kept insisting on climbing the playtower of doom by herself and my purse caught on the top of the slide and nearly strangled me — in the process ripping my new purse in half and leaving a nasty red bruise on my neck. The doctor appointment for Morella was apparently yesterday, I found out as I was there today. They were able to fit us in. Morella’s ears are perfect, she now weighs 19lbs and 1 oz, and she gets one more ear infection before we think about an ENT referral. She assured me that both she and the ENT would say that the likilihood of her getting more ear infections is low because we are heading into spring and summer season.

Guess who has a runny nose, is sneezing a ton….crap, who is apparently still awake at 8.32 … didn’t have good naps today, and didn’t eat much dinner? Morella. Hilary says maybe she had allergies or is teething. I think she is probably getting a cold because it’s just the way my day is going.

I don’t know. In some ways the day was okay. Trader Joes with her was fun. A clean bill of health was nice. I got my flonase prescription refilled. The park after the doom tower was abandoned was okay, I was chastized for some admin decisions I made regarding a listserv …. and yet I feel down and rotten and … why can’t things just WORK!? I don’t want to have to figure out how to fix it. I want it to be fixed right now because it’s supposed to work.


ANd one more thing, I realized the other day that crossing my legs is starting to get difficult. OH and the bathroom rag rug I was working on — an oval shape — sucks and and I am now taking it apart to go back to the trusty rectangle. But you see wasted time and energy AGAIN!

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