Today was kind of a crappy day. I mean, I am grateful for any day that I have with family but you know some days are worse than others. I made cinnamon rolls for this mornings playgroup meeting and they were … way too buttery. I should have known to cut the butter in half, but I was in a hurry and followed the recipe. The frosting was good though…

Morella was crabby and melted down on average, every 15 minutes about *something* all day with the exception of her two hour nap. A nap that I thankfully got a good 45 minutes of before she started her crabbiness again. The only time she didn’t cry was when we went outside to play while dinner was cooking. Dinner. The dinner that ended up being thrown away whole. We have come to terms that we cannot cook a chicken in a bag. I tried it again and failed miserably. I think part of the reason is that we were going by the cooking guidelines of meat and cooking it until the temp reached 180. Well online, many sites said if you want a rubber chicken cook it to that temp but if you want a good chicken then cook it to 160 and check for doneness (pink). Sigh. From now on, I am only going to make whole chicken in a crock pot. Granted, I’ve only ever cooked cornish hens in a crock pot….but it’s so hard to fail with crock pots, you know?

I was so disappointed and angry about dinner that I wanted to throw the entire bird through the window. Then I thought maybe there were some pregnancy hormones at play making it worse than it was…and of course that upset me even more :P Tim tried to cheer me up about it but in the end deemed it unusable and threw it away. I mean, it didn’t even look like chicken meat and cutting it was like cutting through fabric. Therefore for dinner I had a bag leftover Easter M&M’s, a snicker’s ice cream bar and a vanilla pudding cup. The dinner of champs I know. Morella had sausage and peas. I would have eaten the same thing for dinner except I was still too angry and didn’t have an appetite. Tim later went grocery shopping which was nice as I was able to watch some TV and catch up on the computer. He even put the food away! What a nice husband. :D

This past weekend we bought Morella and Crouton a Chariot double bike trailer. We had been researching which one to get for a couple of weeks, and now that the weather is better we made the plunge. We had some difficulty getting the helmet to finally fit Morella’s miniature head, but ingenious use of padding on my part made it happen. So this year she gets it all to herself and next year, Crouton will be ready for it too! Hurray! Then we can go on those family biking trips Tim and I talked about before we had kids. :D

Speaking of Crouton, I am able to see the bottom of my belly button now. You see, I had a belly button hernia as a kid and had to have it surgically “fixed” which resulted in a very deep “innie.” It’s kind of funny, because Morella has a little bit of an outie — nothing like I had though. Still, it’s so strange to see the bottom of it. I wonder how much futher it’s going to come out. How much shallower it’s going to get.

Oh hey the photos link is working again. It was broken for a few days there because everything was switched over to another server. Well you heard me complain about computer problems. Gosh, it seems like the last week has been full of mood swings! It’s like my patience level is at flood level and the slightest thing can push me over into Angryville. Just angry like helpless angry not like I want to smash things …..more like talk your ear off about it.

Last night I went over to Hilary’s and hung out while working on some doubles I got for my Mom — writing on the back. Tim had told me earlier that I should get out of the house because I was getting super depressed by how much my back hurt, and how nothing ever gets clean around here or stays that way for more than two minutes. I stayed until 11 before I went home and probably could have stayed longer just talking. It was nice to just hang out with someone who was doing something else and talk when we felt like it, over a variety of subjects. You know, it was just …. relaxing. Now if I could just find another friend who likes to play video games like that with me other than Tim.

Okay. I had put “fun cereal” on the grocery list, so I am going to see what Tim decided was fun cereal. Also, I put dish soap on the list and I an anxious to know what kind he got. Am I getting excited about home products? Sheesh.

Oh yeah. Morella and the worm. So last Friday there we are enjoying the glorious weather in the back yard. Morella wandering around doing her thing and me turning the garden over. There were lots of worms, so thinking back to my friend Jen’s stories about worms and her son I saw this as ‘teachable moment’ and picked up a worm to show Morella. She looked down at the pink squiggly thing with curiosity and picked it up. I told her it was a worm, that it lived in the dirt and was kind of slimy. At that point she studied the worm and then … started stretching it. Like pulling it apart and would have probably ripped it in half had I not screamed like a little girl in shock and disgust. I scared her a little bit but tried to change the subject, fully aware that I probably just scarred her for life. I informed Tim later that evening that he has a lot of work ahead of him in accumulating Morella into the world of creepy crawlies. I just can’t hack it.

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