It’s weird to see the belly jump around — and even weirder to feel it. These aren’t kicks, these movements are the kid completely turning around.

Tim got Cinnamon Life cereal, frosted mini wheats and Nutty Nuggets. All good choices. The dish soap is an aromatherapy lavender scent. When you hand wash all dishes, it’s gotta be something of a pleasure right?

I went to the post office today and finally got out a package I had been working on for over a year. Stopped at three little parks on the way there and home again with Morella who was, once again Crabby Pants extraordinaire and really, really wanted to go outside once she got up from her nap. This after we had gone out to the mall so I could buy a new purse to replace the ripped up one from the slide of doom last week. I ended up getting one from the Boston Store. They had a “steal” on a Fossil one for $50 dollars super on on clearance…but I found one for $21 that will do the same things and I don’t have to worry about the leather getting ruined by spilled milk or whatever else it is I get covered in by the end of the day. I also got Morella some new onsies (from JC Penny) that are tagless, and some for the new neice. Morella picked out a pink and white fluffy dog — ha ha she doesn’t know that it’s not for her. However, since she threw two huge tantrums about it today and was super blissfully happy and content to leave the store with it firmly in her arms, I have let her play with it. It also went to the post office with us. What a little nutcase.

Seriously though, why does she glom onto stuffed animals and dolls with such ferocity?

Anyway. She was drooling all day today. Morella never drools, so I am fairly certain teething is the culprit. Can I say she was being a picky eater too or does that get old? We had Salisbury steak (from the box), mashed potatoes (instant) and steamed broccoli and asparagus for dinner with on sale cheesecake for dessert. Tim said it’s really good.

We watched Live Free or Die Hard while we worked on pet projects and now it’s like super late and I should really go to bed. So should Crouton…and probably Tim. Tim goes to bed when I do…and I go to bed when he does. It’s like we are ….what is that word when you are each others check system? Gah, I’m tired. I’m not making sense anymore.

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