I am on the last week of the second trimester — I’m an old fuddy duddy that goes by the later number — weeks 28-40 (+) . Wow the second trimester feels like it went by quickly. I guess it’s easy to say that since I started to feel better after week 22 — which is like more than 1/2 way through the second trimester. Yikes, starting Saturday it’s for sure the last leg ….

So how am I doing:

–wow it’s a girl
–Lots and lots of movement. Did I mention how at the 3D ultrasound Crouton was so active that she couldn’t get enough decent shots? So I get to go back free of charge at the end of this month for a second shot. She is hoping that Crouton will have less space to wiggle around and be able to get a better image.
–I am starting to feel bigger. Like feel bigger like my belly is getting in the way of things like bending over to give Morella a bath, pick crap off the floor, find a pan, get off the couch, roll over in bed, etc).
–The peeing is back. I have to go pee a lot. Wait a second, I think I have been able to make it through most nights without getting up though … maybe that is because I am also going to bed a little later than I was before, like at 11 or 11.30. Whoa, living large!
–Eating feels like it’s a some kind of eating disorder. I start eating, get so hungry that I scarf it down (even when I make an effort to eat slowly that backfires because — I keep eating). Anyway. So I eat, and even when my stomach feels full and bursting and I know it was a good enough meal — I still feel hungry and compelled to eat. Then 70% of the time, after I do eat — no matter how much — I feel like shit for an hour and half afterward. Like too full, sick and sort of blah — and yet a tiny bit of me thinks "Hey if I eat something that will fix it." Then went that feeling finally goes away and I feel better … guess what? I feel like I could eat some more! Oh well. At least I don’t have heartburn right? I can’t imagine how sucky that would be. Also I don’t feel this weird hunger thing throughout the most of the day, it’s the evening that it really kicks in.
–Swelling. It’s started. My rings are off, but I can tell my hands are feet are starting to swell up because of the heat. I have started to keep an eye on my sodium intake, to see if that will help.
–Itchy belly.
–Nails and hair growing like a weed, it’s awesome to be able to grow nails this fast. The old nail biting Laura would be in heaven.
–The crotch pain has much decreased the past couple of weeks only to be replaced by an aching back. I have been making supreme efforts to better my posture.
–Mild mood swings here and there. Thankfully not for the past week or so.
–I would really like to drink a tall frosty margarita.
–I am going to be the mother of sisters! Gah!


In other non news. Today felt like one of those “good day’s.” You know, where you make it to the end of the day and nod your head in satisfaction. Last night we took on two dogs to dog sit. One of them is a snoring, deaf bulldog who is super sweet and a great vacuum. The other was a boxer, full of energy, a food hound and …. it unfortunately turned out … to be NOT cat friendly. We didn’t even think to test him because he lives with three cats. Granted one of them he never sees, but still … cats. He started obsessing about our cats about an hour in when they came out of hiding, but they were out of reach. Then Arkham came out and made his stand, and the boxer started drooling buckets, was fixated, and then finally attacked. Tim broke up the fight and the dog was worse for it, but still — not good. We called our friends and said he couldn’t stay. Sigh. This all could have been avoided if we had just tested him! Nutz.

Anyway. So now we have the overweight, deaf bulldog who snores like … like … well I don’t know. But I hate snoring. It’s a pet peeve of mine. It drives me nuts. This dog apparently has attached herself to me, so now whenever I go I get a snoring soundtrack. During this afternoon’s nap I risked not hearing Morella as soon as she awoke by putting in ear plugs to get in a nap. I slept for an hour I think before taking them out. I was by the baby monitor too so I am sure I would have woken up if she was hollering. She’s isn’t a quiet one.

Gah. The dog is snoring right now. It’s so … like nails on a chalk board.

And she farts — these are nasty, stinky, stay in the air for like 10 minute farts. Good grief, Pluto never farts like this…well not anymore that is. Okay. Okay. I’ll stop.

Morella loves her though. She snuffed around the house today, crawled around on the floor (Tim guessed she’s pretending to be a dog?), and lolled all over her on the couch, on the floor, in the hallway — and Zilla (the dog) puts up with it. Morella is in doggy heaven!

Okay. So yeah. Got up, had a little breakfast and then went to a play date group. I walked there and the weather was fantastic! Ahh so nice to have spring here. Morella melted down at the end of play group and we went home. Ate a bit of lunch (smoked salmon, laughing cow baby swiss cheese wedge, pear chunks and cheesecake), and took a THREE HOUR NAP! Hurray! Got up. Was crabby. Calmed down after some Ellen and part of my Snicker’s Ice Cream bar and then went outside to play. I busted out my outside chaise lounge chair, leafed through the new Redbook and let her play. Yes, it was a little bit of the “the life.” Ahhh….

Had to pee, so I brought Morella back in (an hour later) she threw a 10 minute fit until I made her a cream cheese sandwich and carried her around for a 1/2 an hour while I worked on dinner — spaghetti with ground turkey, onions and garlic, greens beans and homemade garlic cheesy bread (made with buns leftover from last summer). Tim came home, Morella wanted to lay down in her crib to chill for awhile — that was cool. Ate dinner — she ate one little cheesy bread finger and that was it. She threw a fit over wanting a banana — I gave it to her after she made a visible effort to calm down and communicate to us that she really, really wanted it. I was shocked when she actually ate 1/2 of it, willing!! But that was all she ate. :P

After dinner I ran a bath for her and put her in. She didn’t sit down at all, but she did crouch for several stretches. I just poured water over her and thanked my stars she wasn’t howling and throwing a fit. Finally, she wanted out so I washed her hair, rinsed it out, and bundled her up in a towel for two minutes while I dried her hair with a washcloth before setting her free for some naked time. She immediately went and peed on the living room floor (quickly cleaned up) and then was good for the next 20 minutes before we lotioned, jammied, sacked, soy milked and read to her before bed. Put her down at 7.33PM — just in time for How I Met Your Mother and she hadn’t made a peep since.


Meanwhile, Tim put away the food, took out the garbage (including the dog poop) started washing diapers, fed the dogs, and put away the Morella bomb that exploded in the back yard. Leaving time for me to just watch TV, putz around on the computer and relax. Ahhh.

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