Tuesday Photos
This was the best image the technician could get of Crouton (26w5d) after trying for an hour and half. I get to go back at the end of this month for another shot. Gotta remember – NO COKE! I was just worried that Crouton would be asleep for the whole thing like she was at the anatomical ultrasound, but that definitely wasn’t the case this time. ;) I think the image is still pretty blurry, but I guess at least Crouton looks human.

Yesterday afternoon, Morella bogarted my Snicker’s bar for more than just a bite. She made it all nice and melty for me after she was done. About 25% of the time, she wakes up super crabby from her afternoon nap.

Morella and the big cuppa Joe. We were at the Ironworks Cafe at the Goodman Center having brunch with our friend Chuck who in town working for the week. He and his wife are expecting their first baby — a girl in August as well!

Morella in the newly bordered garden yesterday afternoon. Thank goodness for washing machines, right?

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