I am having one of those days where I need to check into the computer every once and while and have something to read or look forward to … or talk with. You know how those days go? I mean, today definitely feels like I am baby sitting Morella AND zilla. This damn dog won’t stop following me, Morella won’t stop trying to sit, lean, and stand on her, and it’s a rainy kind of day so we are going to be stuck inside most of it … and blah blah blah.

I let her watch Seasame Street for the first time this morning as sort of a rainy day special, she seemed to like that. It kind of sucks it’s on so early though, because she could have used that distraction more like in the afternoon. And no, we don’t have TIVO or any other kind of recorder other than our VCR which doesn’t want to record stuff.

At one point Morella came running to me and told me something very important with a finger pointing toward the kitchen. I followed her there, stopping every few steps to listen to more VERY important tidbits from Morella. So I said “Show me where it is!” and she ran to the entrance to the kitchen and — two things happened at once. One, I noticed “Why are there four dog bowls out?” and then “Slip! … WAHHHHHH” Turns out she found the Zilla dog water bowl hiding under the table, brought it out and tried to pour it in Pluto’s raised dish, and .. well water water everywhere. Sigh. I cleaned it up with some kitchen towels pushed around by my feet while holding a wailing baby.

Later on that bulldog wanted to go outside. Fine. Go outside. Except now all of a sudden she decides she can’t get up the four concrete steps back into the house and after 20 minutes of her barking getting louder and louder and me opening the door and motioning for her to come it … I call Tim and ask for advice. He suggests nothing. Thanks dude. Then I come upon the idea of snacks as motivation — and that did the trick! Thank goodness.

Immediately after that, there is a knock at the door and it’s the one of the workman working on the wreck of a house next door asking me if he can use our water + hose for his concrete saw. I misunderstand him at first — the last time they wanted water they just wanted to fill up a big bucket. So when he comes back in right away I asked him how he was done so fast and did he need help turning it off? (This is in the middle of a diaper change btw) He said no, he needs the constant water on for like an hour or so. Oh god, how much will this cost? I put a grumpy Morella down to nap and shut her doors.

So I call Tim again and run it by him. The workman then specifies that it’s hooked to a saw and doens’t use much water — just enough to cool the blade. At that point we both figure it’s okay. I show the man how to access the back of the house through the side gate and shut the door.

ALL of this happens with me wearing pajamas, an unflattering pajama t-shirt (thank god I am wearing a bra) and a lousy shirt over the t-shirt because it’s a little cool this morning — my hair is a greasified, unbrushed mess …. sigh. This is my morning so far. SO you can see why I want someone to talk too. But not consistently, but I can’t stay at the computer for long stretches of time … but I can sneak in 2-3 minutes every once in awhile. You know?

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