So Morella did end up sleeping the entire night through to 6.40a today. Amazing. That’s 13 hours of sleep … incredible. She also took a good 2 hour nap today after a trip to the park this morning for Monday Playgroup. I did something really stupid though — Morella had climbed up to the tall swirl slide and was about to go down. Not a problem except she seemed to be forgetting to sit her butt down this morning so I tried to climb up a slide to get to her. My shoes were sticky enough, but it was just a little too high and I just couldn’t do it. :( I totally over did it and now have been paying the price all day. Thankfully, another Mom got up there fast enough to spot Morella’s daredevil antics. Sorry Crouton … and sorry Morella … picking you up after that was hard. Heck bending over is hard right now.

My goal is to finish this lame post, go use my back massage pillow and then go to bed early. This afternoon’s nap felt like it was too short — an hour and half — and when it was over (Modog was waking up) I just wanted to keep sleeping with an intensity not felt since the early days of this pregnancy.

Aw crap. There is two super sized loads of laundry on the bed waiting to be put away. There is also diapers in the dryer that need to be brought up and sorted.


Dinner needs to be put away too.
The kitchen was bombed and there is stuff lying askew everywhere.

I did have a nice afternoon visiting my friend Lowen. We went over there after the nap so that Morella could explore her back yard while we chatted. We ended up picking what she thought is creeping charlie … but I don’t think so it. It’s a vine, with little purple flowers and it smells like mint. I always thought it was cat nip but it’s too little for that…[looking online to see what creeping charlie really looks like] … nutz, it IS creeping charlie. Well then what the heck is in our backyard that acts the same, but has smooth spade like leaves, and resembles violets but *isn’t* violets? Hm.

Anyway. We did that for two hours and it was very nice and relaxing. Afterward I came home and made dinner (ring bologna, buttered egg noodles for Morella, and ramps and chives sauteed in olive oil for our noodles with Parmesan) and steamed broccoli. Morella ate a great dinner on top of drinking a ton of milk today.

After that we piled into the car and headed to Erik’s bike shop to get a new bike seat for my bike, which is now the bike the kid trailer is attached to so that Tim is all set to go in accumulating Morella to the trailer and rides.

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