Morella is being a fussy toddler today.

I flipped the futon mattress in the office because I am changing the bedding on it. It was hard. I need a break.

Motivation! I need to get some stuff DONE around here … and find a dog sitter for Pluto for this weekend. :( All of our usuals are unable to because of prior plans. Sigh.

–25 min later — okay this is obviously going to be one of those days where I need to poke myself into motivating. I should do another updating, as we go through the day post. Yeah. Morella is in her crib right now. She wanted to go…and is still there now screeching at me intermittedly. I was just in there putting away some clothes from last week. :P I didn’t do them all. The box for outgrown stuff is spilling over, and I need to sort through shorts, skirts and pants. The reason I left was to find the easy grip to pick up the socks that fell on the floor so I wouldn’t have to bend over (maybe flipping the mattress wasn’t a good idea so early in the morning) because I’m feeling like there is a sqiggley baby attached to the lower quandrant of my belly.

Okay … maybe over all goals in five steps at a time? Yeah right. Well, one can tyr. 1. Find easy grip. 2. Pick up clothes off Morella’s floor. 3. Change her diaper and get her dressed. 4. Get myself dressed. 5. Finish making up the futon.

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