Cloth Diapering Morella

A. Disposable diapers stock for overnight, long day trips and travel trips.
B. Stack of prefolds
C. Basket of diaper creams, disposable/flushable/biodegradeable diaper liners, toliet paper, and prowrap diaper covers
D. Fleece liners
E. Diaper pail
F. Flannel wipes
G. Wipe solutions (witch hazel, water, tea tree oil)

Closer up ….

And your other close up …. the duckie hamper is a … a … well hamper.

Set out the wrap.

Fold prefold into thirds.

Cover with fleece liner.

Top with disposable liner.

Spray wipe with solution.

Put down baby, unzip and take off diaper.

Dirty diaper. Remove prefold from wrap. If there is poop, then you remove the disposable liner, put it on a bit of toliet paper while you finish the job and then take it to the bathroom to flush.

Drop dirty diaper in diaper pail.

Drop wipe in diaper pail.

Fight with baby to put new diaper on.

Let her roll of the diaper pad, and look out the window while I figure out what she is going to wear for the day.

All done!

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