oh man. This kid. She has gotten into the garbage several times, refused to get off the changing bed, eaten dirt, wanted to come inside, wanted to go outside, wants some kind of magic food, wanted to be in her crib, didn’t want to be in her crib, etc. All resulting in huge meltdowns and tantrums. But in between comforting, playing and distracting her ….

I did manage to get dressed, fix the futon complete with an array of stuffed animals, got Morella dressed, changed her diaper (hence the diaper post) and found my easy grip.

Other things accomplished:

  • Brought my shelving unit I got a garage sale for $3 bucks outside, found the green paint, painted the edges and one side of three shelves (one super long) twice.
  • Made Morella lunch
  • Ate some waffles
  • Baked some brownies
  • Washed a rack of dishes
  • Put diapers away, changed the diaper changing bed’s sheet, put away all her clothes, vacuumed Morella’s room and picked up all her toys. Her room is now clean.
  • Put together a photo essay and posted it
  • Got together gifts for my friend Jessie and her kids — even manage to wrap one of them.
  • Found a box to send it in
  • Texted and talked to Tim a few times
  • Went to the bathroom at least 6 times
  • Made some crystal light
  • Talked to Emily and convinced her that Morella is not good company, nor is my house clean.

Okay. Now for the rest of the afternoon my goals are:

  1. Cut down some liliac branches and put them in water so the house smells great.
  2. Put dishes away.
  3. Figure out what’s for dinner. Maybe tofu … a stir fry perhaps?

Geez…a meltdown in progress AGAIN.

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