So I dropped Morella off at my friend Hilary’s and went to the clinic for the 3 hour test. Learning about what constitutes a carb was definitely interesting, and I followed the 150 at least carb rule for three days prior. I guess it’s a good thing they say to do that because you know I would have gone overboard and not had ANY carbs for those three days. Ahh.. That said, I am so thankful that I do not have diabetes. I feel kind of bad for my Mom who has it, but then again she doens’t bother trying to control it so she might as well not have it — right? (she uses insulin) :P

Over all it wasn’t too bad. I was able to get some cross-stitch time in, write in my journal, and write a few postcards. It kind of sucks that you can’t drink coffee though … that would have been perfect. At the end I called DH for a food suggestion and he said Noodles and Company. I love noodles but never go there. However, I needed to pick up Morella before 1.15 so he called ahead and ordered for us — I got the Bankock Curry and Pan Noodles both with seared chicken and just let her pick. I would eat both of them, and indeed when we ate I scarfed mine down so fast and was still hungry that I *could* have eaten both of them. I was seriously shaking! I couldn’t believe how hard it was to start eating. I got the results of the test later this afternoon after they called to relay the good news. It’s interesting to see that the last blood draw has my blood sugar below the normal range — that would certainly explain the shaking. I always wondered if I had a problem with low blood sugar and so it’s kind of cool to see that it does actually happen. OH yeah and I had 1/2 a cookie, rice krispy bar and a small piece of rocky road bar …. then I felt satisfied and tried to take a nap. I think I got a few minutes in there, what with the neighbors working hammering their house and Migo’s yowling.

GLUCOSE, FASTING my number was 81 normal range is 65-95 mg/dL
GLUCOSE, 1 HOUR my number 113 normal range is 90-180 mg/dL
GLUCOSE, 2 HOUR my number 92 normal range is 75-155 mg/dL
GLUCOSE, 3 HOUR my number 61 normal range is 70-140 mg/dL

So hurray!

Still, back to one treat a day and eating healthier.

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