Phone Photos: Cute Summer Outfits

Morella just got this breezy little number this past weekend from her Grandma. I think she likes the fact that it’s like wearing nothing!

This is the outfit she wore today — I bought it from Gymboree last month or so because I had a 20% off coupon. She got so many compliments on it today … and it was just SO cute on her. I don’t know if the camera phone really captures the cuteness of it. I might have to take another photo with the real camera another day when the outfit is clean again.

A couple weeks ago we dog sat Zilla — the deaf bulldog. Morella loved being able to lay next to the dog and on her because Pluto (our dog) is such a old fart dudebag. Anything, here she had put down a monkey, a doll and then herself in a little pile up. This kid cracks me up.
Today was a great day. We got up, well rested and in good spirits. Since it was going to be warm I was able to dress Morella in that adorable outfit, and then we went to check out a new restaurant called Daisy’s Cafe and Cupcakery. It was bright, airy and cozy, the breakfast menu looked good, and I ordered an omelet — it came with fresh fruit, a wonderful baked bread….uh…brioche…and roasted potatoes. The coffee could have started a rocket and it was free refills (they refilled it for you). I also had a cupcake and that was …. good, just not my kind of cupcake. I expect a little more than fluff to my icing. Morella ate 1/2 of it though without a problem, but for $2.50 a cupcake, I want it to knock my socks off! And it didn’t. Still, I would go there again, just not get a cupcake.
After that, I did a quick diaper change in the back of the Scion (from a cloth to a sposie) and we headed downtown to the Capitol to attend the Wednesday Farmer’s Market. My plan was to park in the public parking lot next to it, but that backfired when I pulled in and realized it was full. Nutz. I figured out a way to turn around and ended up across the Capitol in the parking lot on top of State St. I parked and loaded up Morella in the stroller and slathered her in sunblock — I used enough that she looked like she had dried powder on her in parts — but they say you are supposed to put that much on! After that we stopped at a coffee shop so I could use the bathroom and get a iced tea for the road. The Capitol was crawling with hundreds of school kids there for their end of the year field trips and Morella liked looking at them. Ahhh that will be her one day!
At the Farmer’s Market I got lots of plants. Morella was great through it all. Halfway back though she signaled that she was done with the stroller and wanted out. I figured no problem, I would let her play in the Capitol lawn for a while to stretch her legs, except when I got to it there was signs saying it was freshly pesiticided. :P I made it up to her by making a stop at the Children’s Museum for 20 minutes to let her play. After that she willing went the extra block to the car, played with her baby laptop on the way home and fell asleep 5 minutes before we came ot our house. I transferred her successfully to her crib and she took a 3 hour nap! Awesome!
I was so in love with life and happy. I even told Tim how happy I was…then the afternoon progressed. I started feeling hot and kind of ill. I am thinking maybe heat and pregnancy aren’t such good companions… :( At 5:30ish Morella wanted to take a bath, going so far as to to try and climb into the tub. I said okay and ran a bath for her. She was in it the bath for two minutes before she started to point to the door (meaning she wanted out). I needed to wash all that sunblock off so I started to do that, all the while she begins screaming bloody murder. Ugh.
Once she was out, she wall smiles and went running around the house naked. We let her have at least a good hour of naked time, and she even ate the 4 bites of dinner in the buff (but sitting on a cloth diaper). We think she might be realizing when she needs to potty because she gets a concerned look on her face and grabs towards her crotch. Tim thinks putting her over the big potty is going to get her to go…but I am thinking we might need a kid’s potty. Should I buy one and have it now or wait two days to get one at a garage sale….I don’t know….so far I haven’t really liked the ones I’ve seen…
Anyway. That crying of her to get out and screaming suddenly made me feel bad. She has been kind of picking at her ear all week. Is she sick? Does she have a raging fever and I just didn’t notice? I went through all the signs of sick and started to second guess myself. Then I started to feel really anxious about it all and sort of just stayed in the bathroom and tried to read an article to get my mind off of it. It didn’t help. I went to start dinner — steamed asparagus and tuna salad sandwiches, and wash the dishes. While I was washing I noticed that I wasn’t feeling better but in fact feeling worse and worse. Tim came in and started to help with dinner by making the tuna salad and I had to step away and start crying! I couldn’t help it. I did say right before I started “I think I am having a mood swing. I can’t shake this. I feel bad…” I cried for about a minute feeling completely foolish and disliking every second of it before going back to finish the dishes. It eventually faded and I was able to move on. We went outside to play some more while Tim started to mow the lawn, I put some jammies on her, kept her window open a bit and left the overhead fan on medium and she went to bed, and I came here.
I edited some phone images using GIMP for the first time (hurray!) on the laptop and then just wrote this really big, long post that is really probably more for me than anything.
I guess when pregnant women say they are hormonal I just figured that was the same kind of thing as PMS. You know, you might get a little cranky. You would act the same if you were overtired or really hungry or not feeling well. Sure I haven’t been feeling great this afternoon — it’s been off and on, more off if I take it easy and try to cool off (making me think that the heat really is having an effect on me — total bummer). But to suddenly feel so absolutely crummy, sad and worried all of a sudden? Sigh. Maybe the euphoria about how wonderful my life was just a mood swing too. Well, at the very least, I knew what was happening and braced myself with the mantra of “it’s will pass, this isn’t real, it will pass, this isn’t real.” It was kind of like riding over a big wave in a little rowboat.
My lap is getting hot from the laptop, and my hands are feeling swell … I need to go to Woodman’s to get some milk, fruit and what not. I know I should have gone right away when Morella was in bed and Tim was done mowing the lawn, but I got all caught up yapping over here. Maybe I will still go after I have a big drink of water and see what Tim says.
And Laima, they were Black Radishes…they are super hard, and I can’t imagine just eating it for the sake of eating it raw. I wonder how else they can be prepared though?
Oh and the creeping charlies were actually wood violets. Ha ha…no wonder they looked so much like violets. div>
One thing about not feeling well is that I was good to not push it. The house is a bit of a disaster again but I thought that making myself feel worse for the sake of a tidy house is just not worth it. Right? Besides, it was probably the big outing this morning that pushed me over the edge. Out in the sun in the middle of the day, pushing a big stroller up big hills …. yeah.

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