Tre cool. The internet station I listen too updated their stuff. I now have the immense pleasure of hearing Dairy of Dreams…one of their new songs. Wahoo! That is something to be happy about. I just wish they would play here. If Death in June can play here, why can’t Diary of Dreams? They can play in my apartment. 8)

I worked on my costume last night. I made two masks because I can’t decide how comfortable it should be compared to how cool it would look. Now I am confronted with how to make it look like I don’t have any shoulders. I tried the card board contraption angle, the pillows, the stuffed robes and towels…but have concluded the best route is to get stuffing and shape/form it. Then afterward, I can use the stuffing to make new pillows for the couch. Everyone loves pillows, and I like making them. Tim finished his resume, and we both went to the Lighthouse for a drink. Had a nice time, a couple from Ireland three hours in the US bought us drinks because I told the woman where she could go shopping for denim and shoes. I wonder if my accent makes it harder for other accented english speaking people to understand. You know? Like, Tim sounds American. I sound like some strange twisted canadian/indian/fargoish american. I dunno. I wish I could hear my accent. I sometimes think I would take classes like in My Fair Lady to get rid of it…but then again it doesn’t bother me. It just bothers everyone else. Screw it. 8)

Tim is staying home today because he kept waking me up last night because he couldn’t breath. I told him to take an antihistamine, prop himself up a bit and calm the hell down because he still had a good range of breath and, I tried to assure him he didn’t breath that deeply. He doesn’t seem to believe me. After ten-fifteen minutes of him tossing and turning and complaining he couldn’t breath, I was like “What? What do you want me to do?” (I wasn’t going to feed into his panic…that just makes it worse) and the got mad and took a pillow and stormed off into the living room. I went to sleep. He tells me later he watched TV for an hour and then went to sleep. I told him the medicine and TV made him calm and sleepy. So….this morning he stayed home. Ironic how he always seems to stay home…if not the day I stay home, then at least during the week. Even when I am on vacation, he finds reasons to stay home and not go to work. Poor darling. Now is he watching TV…and even caught the last five minutes of Little House on the Prairie.

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