It rained all day and was gloomy. Morella wanted to go outside and I didn’t want to get wet. We stayed inside and I tried to make it fun. I put new batteries in her cat keyboard she hasn’t seen for months, and busted out a garage sale find — backpack full of doll accessories. In addition to that, I got a shower in and a good long bath for her. We cuddled a lot. I chased her around the house, had snacks and read a few books. Her nap was only an 1.25 hours long because she had a super soaker of a diaper. :( When Tim got home and after a dinner of sliced bratwurst cooked with onions, sliced apple and kraut (leftovers from Monday’s BBQ) with brown gravy over mashed potatoes (using leftover chip dip made for BBQ) and a salad. It was good! Morella didn’t care for most of it though. She did snack on a lot of apple slices beforehand and gobbled her halved grapes up fairly quickly. The grapes at Woodman’s were a good batch. Juicy, red and delicious.

I paid mortgage, cell phones, registered my massage pillow, sent in an old housing survey to the tribe and filled out paperwork for the $200 CSA wellness reimbursement. Maybe it’s not a bad thing that the mail now comes after 4:00PM. I went through an sorted a bunch of papers on the desk. I am thinking I might want to try and organize/clean that area….hm.

In all, I finished most of my goals for today except mark studs on the bedroom wall that I want to put up shelves. Tomorrow….yes tomorrow.

I asked Tim if it was okay to start feeling big and large, and … well very pregnant. I mean, there have been plenty of days where I felt like this before but I didn’t’ want to admit to it for fear of looking like a wuss. But, I tell you — it’s to that stage now where when I have to pee, I have to pee NOW! Not to mention the bathroom and I are on first name basis right now. Sheesh. I swear I didn’t pee this much with Morella. I just feel….large, uncomfortable, tired, and just sort of crappy feeling most of the time. I feel bad because days like today –and heck every day these past two weeks have shown me just how active Morella is becoming and I almost feel like I can’t keep up with her. :( A part of me is thinking about getting one of those kid leashes because she is so fast and runs at the drop of the hat. She is learning where she can and can’t run — but come on … she’s 1 1/2 …she just doesn’t get the whole car driving fast thing.

I have started to rethink child proofing again in this house. Making sure she can’t get to medicines, or poisons, or whatever. Stage three of baby proofing.

Okay. I have to pee again, then go to bed. It’s really late and I should have been in hours ago except Tim finally got around to playing Dynasty Warriors with me …. late. :P Oh and by the way, Tim did say “Yes.” Yes, I am big enough to warrant those complaints.

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