Man oh man. I totally cleaned up at a garage sale this morning for me and Morella’s Garage Sale Friday’s. It was the first one on our way to the bank to get money, followed by a typical stop at McDonald’s for coffee and a sausage McGriddle for Morella at which point we hit garage sales. This one had some toys out in the driveway that looked pretty girlie and when we walked up a woman said “There are lots of clothes in there for you, but not for little boys.” I replied “Yeah, I went through a stretch a little while ago where it was all boy clothes all the time.” Thinking of course, at the time it was no big deal because I was working on a gift for my friend Sarah who is expecting a baby boy in July.

Anyway. Oh my. The clothes. Mint condition. Cute. Quality — and all priced to sell. I’m talking 25 cents a top, 50 cents a bottom/shirt, etc…it was fantastic and my kind of garage sale! Morella kept herself busy playing with the doll carriages, dolls, stuffed animals etc the entire time. Of course it was partially run with old folks who do an excellent job of keeping an eye on her at all times as well. I love my neighborhood. :D

After I checked out — a whopping $23 bucks, I gave them ten and said I would be back with the rest after we went to the bank and Target. I had to return a wicking shirt I had gotten for Tim yesterday that didn’t fit quite right. I exchanged for two wicking t-shirts at the same price and while I was at it, bought a pink storage bin for all of Morella’s 2T clothes. This way I can put them in it, and store it downstairs until November. She is SET — though my friend Karen mentioned today that she is going to send Morella a bunch of 18mo to 2T clothes. I can’t wait to see them as she has such excellent taste in clothes. Morella and Crouton are such lucky little girls.

So yeah, I got an entire wardrobe for Morella this summer for all less than $50 bucks.

Okay, let me brag with an itemized list:

5 pajamas
2 overalls
6 jumpers/dresses (3 of which were brand new with tags)
3 pants
4 shorts
18 shirts (4 of which were brand new with tags)
4 body suits (1 brand new with tags)
5 sweaters/hoodies
1 skirt

Doll Armoire (Uh it’s a build a bear workshop armoire) wooden — quality construction (.50 cents)
3 small balls (free)
1 doll (really nice … Morella took it to nap with her so I didn’t see what brand it was – 1$)
2 really cool electronic things — .50 cents each
12 board books – .5 cents a piece
1 fancy glass tart dish – .25 cents

– all for $23.00 !!!!!

Sadly, by the time we did make it to McDonald’s I was 8 minutes past breakfast cut off…so I just got a large iced coffee and small fries for Morella. Then at Target I got her a mandarin orange fruit cup that she gobbled, along with the fries. What a lunch huh? She’s kind of on an eating strike right now.

So what to do this afternoon? I just washed one set of dishes and was going to work on cleaning up the house while Morella naps — in addition to posting. Then I thought we would play outside for awhile and enjoy the weather before three more days of cold, crappy weather. Sigh. When is summer going to get here? I don’t want to go from this to like 90 … I wouldn’t mind a few more 70′s day though….

*Also, Sarah — I noticed my face had expanded quite a bit from last year to this year as well…but thought maybe no one would look at me and instead just focus on cute kids. And thanks for the dishwasher advice. I will follow that up in preparation for the new dishwasher, whenever it gets here.

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